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So “Kind regards” is a more “universal” form that fits most purposes/occasions?

Sounds like me. :wink: (One can never use too much smileys! :slight_smile: )


Yeah, I think so.



I used to use “BR, Arto” in all my English emails, but after the transition to new email (Google) and the fact that I could have only one signature for all languages, I had a bit of a struggle with myself, and decided to just drop all greetings. Now everyone gets only my name, title and contact information after the message. And I rather like it. It’s a Finnish way. No bullshit, just info.


The most difficult thing with emails is the word “Dear”. “Dear Guybrush”, “Dear Sir” etc. As a Finn, I would use the word “Dear” to someone who I really love and gone to hell and back with. So, using that word to contact someone I’ve never had any contact with before is a bit weird.


Actually, as a Brit, sometimes I find myself thinking the same thing! Normally I use “good morning/afternoon” for formal emails, and “hi” for informal ones. But the other day I started an email with “Dear”, and then immediately thought to myself:

“Hang on, does that sound too sentimental?” :grinning:


Usage differs a bit between the UK and the US, which is why I include this British reference work (Practical English Usage) to support the fact that it’s not:

(With people you know common expressions include With best wishes and With kind regards.)

Yours truly is formal (not formal formal but formal) and (kind/best) regards is on the rather informal but not quite familiar side. You interpret yours truly as informal as a Brit? Would that be because it’s common American usage?

Dear insert name is fine; just Dear is not. :stuck_out_tongue:


I tend to use ‘kind regards’ or ‘best wishes’ for formal stuff. Or ‘many thanks’ if I’m asking for something.

I think ‘dear xx’ and ‘yours sincerely’ are a bit old hat these days, especially since they’re more for letter writing and most people send emails now.


My email courtesy today is to use the recipients name in greeting: “Hi John” :smile:


Yep, but I’m not quite sure why!

Just Dear would sound as if you’re about to give them a lecture on why they should be doing more of the housework.

(Yeah, the opposite sentiment of my previous post, but that’s how I imagine it being said in this case :stuck_out_tongue: )


Huh, I can imagine writing just dear to my wife if I were a few decades older. And not to lecture anyone. :stuck_out_tongue:


What if, instead of “kind regards”, I close my e-mail with “warmly”? It’s more confidential and less formal?


You should add your bank account too then! :wink:


Insert a reply with 2000 different smileys here. I am too lazy…


It’s less formal, but still has a professional tone to it. You could use this when emailing colleagues.


This is a formal email in the futuristic year of 2027.

Later dawg,




U kiddin m8.

Smell ya,





This is more of a cultural question than a language one but I was just talking to @boosegoose on Twitter about that:

How many of you people had to wear school uniforms and did it depend on wheater you went to a private school or not?

Not even my parents had that anymore, but it looks like it is still a thing in england and other countries?


It’s oddly common in Belgium.