So tell us where you´re from [Survey Poll CLOSED]!

Simple rule, if you read this you HAVE to vote, no excuse for moving on when you´re already here.

Before you shout out me for not including your great county and lumping it into the “other” category, I´m mainly basing this on the languages that Thimbleweed Park has been translated into (hence no Neatherlands or Portugal etc.). I only seperated the major english and german speaking countries but not the spanish or french ones as there´s just too many of them. So if you´re from Mexico or the Ivory Coast, post it here and don´t think I think anything less of you.

So tell us where you´re from, then!

  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • France
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Russia
  • Other (Post a reply if you voted this)

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There was a typo in the title.

No, I really wanted to know if you were from survey poll, you know…

Also may I humbly ask a person in power reading this for this topic to be pinned so it´s always on top? I don´t intend to ever close this poll, so I think that would make sense for newer members.

…Quickie Poll…


Am I the only person who has been watching the Simpsons for so long that the “Quickie” (as opposed to Kwik-E) in “Quickie Pal” looked kinda odd?

And what will you do with the results? Selling the data to shady marketing guys?

They´re already among us!

I already have the full demographic data.

You don´t because I might not be really from germany. (haven´t you read my profile?)

And I might have chosen the wrong country in the survery. Muahahaha. Eat this, marketing guys!

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I was tempted for moment to include funny made up places for a joke like Monkey Island or Nebraska, but then I decided I wanted to go through with this seriously.

In Italian it’s translated (including art) as Jet Market. Hardly anybody here would have ever got the assonance, including me.

It would be interesting to see how far the results from your survey will differ from the other statistics.

Oh wow I did not know that! I think the occasions where the Simpsons had art translated into german were very very rare, for art there either were subtitles or annoying unnatural feeling voiceovers.

That´s one reason why I´m doing this. To see how represantive this forum is for the whole Thimbleweed Park playing community.

And the others are…? :slight_smile:

México :smiley:

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Uhhh, because I haven´t done a poll yet? Boredom? Fame and Fortune?

No, I think it might have been the sole reason.

But I´m also interested in this particular community.

I´m so so sorry…not for you for being from mexico I mean, but you know as I´ve said above…anyway I hope you were happy with the spanish translation of the game, I heard there was some controvery over spanish dialects.