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In Max Havelaar, Multatuli masterfully parodies certain 19th century narrative practices, but unfortunately some 160+ years later much of it feels as annoying as a real obnoxious moralistic 19th century narrator.

A suprisingly exhaustive list of 19th century writers I dislike:

  1. George Elliot
  2. Thomas Hardy

An extremely inexhaustiveness list of 19th century writers I like:

  1. Henry freaking James. The man. My homeboy.
  2. Heinrich Heine
  3. Conrad Busken Huet (no diss for Multatuli, just giving some love to someone who’s slightly more on the down-low)
  4. Mary Shelley
  5. Jane Austen


It really surprises me that I don´t seem to have so far.

If only I could find the exact wording. Looking in that 1100+ pages book is difficult enough (and there is no index).

:clap: One of our greatest!



I was literally just flipping through my copy but couldn´t find it (though many chapter titles are just hilarious) I hope I´m not experiencing a “Mandela” Effect. Maybe it wasn´t a chapter title but a comment or something.
Like the one I just found where the “translator” explains that Sancho talks far to smart for his character in the following chapter but that he will still tell that part of the story for the sake of completeness.


In that case, are you perhaps paraphrasing and summarizing part of the prologue?


No I´m pretty sure it was a bit later. There is all sorts of tangents in the book, there is a novella, there are several sonnetts and tales within tales.


Then I guess that’s just this part of the prologue put into practice. (See the bottom of the page I’ll share once my phone gets over its “no uploading until I’m more charged neener neener nonsense.”)


In case we don´t get the chance to talk again before take-off:
Have a good journey and a nice, relaxing, most pleasant holiday, @PiecesOfKate!
Be missing you!
Byesies! :wave:


Have a good philately trip!

Bottom of this page:


Thanks moo-moo! Have a nice few weeks, will miss you toooo! :wave: :kissing_cat:


Bonnes vacances @PiecesOfKate !! :beach_umbrella: :sun_with_face:


Have a nice vacation! :smiley: :wave:



Today I booked some spa treatments for next week (part of my birthday present from my ma).

One of the rules states ‘no spitting or nose blowing in the jacuzzi’. I wonder if that’s following a precedent.


Ha finally I can use this: :woman_in_steamy_room:


The textual description of that is quite funny :smile:



Wow, Marge really knows how to take a bath!


It’s the same rule of the instructions manuals:
“If it’s written… then it had happened!”


Mauritius update:

Spa cat!
Beggar my neighbour!
Mauritius fody (but no boobies)!
Punched a rock with my toes (rock won)!