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:notes: Kickin’ rocks in the, hot sun
I fought the rock and, the rock won :notes:


How is the current score in this challenge?


:notes: I lost my toe and I lost my fu-hu-hun :sob:

See above-a-boo-a-hoo :sob:

But it’s okay, the sea cleaned it :ocean:


Then demand revenge from one of his smaller friends! :wink:







I should’ve attacked it with me snorkel. Instead I knelt in the sand, silently pulling that face that is specially reserved for toe stubbing.




I was in Zaandam, Netherlands 20 years ago, and I stayed in a small hotel. When I arrived, no one was there. After a while the owners’ daughter came home and opened the door for me, and checked me in. She was really nice. They gave me a room on top floor (the hotel had like 5 rooms) which had a roof window, boiler room behind the wall, and it was 30° C outside, sun blazing through the window. That place really was an oven. After one night the owners gave me their daughter’s room, which was big, had a really nice bathroom, and the view from the balcony was great. I was lying on the king sized bed watching football on TV when one of the owners knocked on the door, and handed me a beer can that had Holland’s football team colours on it. I’ve never had that kind of a service anywhere.

At the time Dutch driver Jos Verstappen drove for Tyrrell in F1, and his team mate was a Finn Mika Salo. The hotel owners said I look just like Mika Salo, so maybe that’s why they treated me so well :smile:

On topic: I will travel to Helsinki on thursday. Very excited!
There will also be stops to Munich, Venice and Cervignano del Friuli.


Man!!! Everything in 3 days??


Thursday: Oulu - Helsinki - Munich - Venice
Friday: Venice - Cervignano
Saturday: Cervignano
Sunday: Cervignano - Venice
Monday: Venice - Munich - Helsinki - Oulu


How would that be for possible forum meet-up in the future @thimbleweedparkforum? :wink:


12 hours is a loooong flight :sleeping_bed:

:woman_cartwheeling: NO, GET UP! You have to catch up with the gazillion-hundred-zoid posts on the forum!


Welcome back! :blush:


Haha, thanks Muldy-moo.


Beach at Mauritius

Some bird

Birthday! (apparently people know me well :wink: )

These dudes came to say hello on our balcony

Tour of Chamarel rum distillery - I thought this looked particularly steampunk!

Rum tasting

Entrance to our hotel

Mauritian grog

Beach entertainment


Nice! :slight_smile:

Seems like you had a good time.

I just had to “inspect” your toes if that was before their unfortunate meeting with the rock or after, but they seem fine.

Yeah, you would like that Quentie, wouldn´t you?


Yeah, I believe that was before they got all rock-punchy.

“Wiggle your big toe.”


I know that was a ref to his foot fetish but it made me think of that too :slightly_smiling_face:


No noteworthy dinner to share, nor any new books, so here are some mountains instead.

Glad today’s rain was a good excuse to not ride my bike to work after two days of hiking :smile:.


Good idea, since I´ve previously established on this thread: