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You guys are doing weird stuff on your journeys. Here is a painting, which mesmerized me.


Where did you see this painting?

Something about the clothes and face makes me think it’s fairly modern. But the rest of the scene makes it look like it could be from 100 years ago.

/edit: Thank you google image search… this was painted 2 years ago.


Yeah, something about it reminds me of Manet, a bit.


I can see that…

The model in the Olowska painting seems content to be there, but in the Manet her face looks sad and trapped. Like she’s thinking “How long do I have to beeping stand here?”


Exactly, it´s even been theorized that because it looks like the woman talking to the man on the right side could also be her and because a mirror perspective can´t explain that, because it´s not possible, it is meant to symbolise that she is working so hard she is literally at several places at the same time. I guess everyone who ever waited tables can relate to how she must be feeling when she looks at the viewer.


This one was pretty good too:


I always read her expression as “what a *beep*y job”.


Pretty sure that is the general consensus about the intention. But the common art critic probably has to use a lot more words to say that. :grin:


That’s why I never liked art history back in high school :stuck_out_tongue:


You see those dudes every day in New York. At the playground in the mornings there is usually a group of people doing Tai Chi. It seems like an incredibly smart thing to do.

Holy Beep! Now I see why you posted this… :slight_smile:


Yeah, but that´s what I always say. While producing art is really hard, understanding art is actually really easy it´s just that some snobbish people had to make a science out of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what a 4 dimensional being looks like from 5th dimension.


Okay, here a couple of impressions from Korea and Taiwan (to shorten the wait for Santa to drop some presents)

Jumunjin Beach (I like the sea, but at 0°C it was a bit on the cold side)

Woljeongsa Buddhist Temple (with actual monks, not depicted)

Details from the ceiling

Lake Park in Ilsan (with typical Korean appartment buildings in the background; very close to where we stayed in Korea)

Film set from Aardman Animation exhibition in Seoul (not Italian, this time)

Taipei has more motor scooters then all of Italy combined

Pedestrian zone near Ximen subway station (not far from our hotel)

Train station in Xinbeitou

Taiwanese appartment buildings (like that wild style)

Xinbeitou hot spring (unfortunately, we didn’t have time to take a bath)

The aforementioned Lin Family Mansion and Garden

And another one (but there were so many different courtyards and buildings, it would take a hundred pictures to show it all. It’s the one sight I would absolutely want to return to)


Well this thread has an official winner, now.



I don’t know. @PiecesOfKate’s trip to Mauritius or her Iceland photo … both places I’d prefer to Korea during winter time. I wouldn’t even call it a draw :slight_smile:.


Yours look lovely though. I especially like the last few. I love tranquil gardens like that.


Psst! This is a secret: this picture isn’t so great but the mangos are. They’re fresh and insanely delicious, no fibres, a tiny bit of acid, sweet and so full of flavor. They smell seductive too. Then all the guilty pleasure is between your tasty fingers with the juice dropping down …


Sometimes you encounter interesting forms of life, like a partly green insect with frog like eyes, a bee like back of its body and a gentle nature.


Will spend a few days in Munich in March and in Austria (Salzkammergut) in June this year.

Yeah sorry, still nothing very excitingly exotic! :sweat_smile:


Hamburg in March.