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I don’t have the faucet opened because I prefer to walk around whilst brushing my teeth. Secondly I don’t like to waste stuff generally but regarding the water, it very much depends on where you’re living. When there is enough water it isn’t an issue at all. On the contrary, it gets a problem when you try to safe too much water because then the lack of waterflow doesn’t clean the pipes naturally anymore and you need to add (more) chlorine, which is not something you really want.

I’m aware that I won’t change the world this way but that’s how I feel good handling things in my little world.

In my opinion the climate change will come because the politicians, or to be more precise, those the politicians serve (a.o. the global capitalists, deep state …), have no interest in a working environment because otherwise they won’t be able to sell their old goods anymore, loose power due to shifting power conditions and later on they’ll be able to make enough money with offering different kind of ‘solutions’ for the problems they’ve caused anyway. Overpopulation, the phase of the typical cycle of capitalism we’re in right now and the greed of the USA are more important.

The typical human being is either too dumb, uniformed (under constant propaganda) or doesn’t dare to rebel and stop this insane system. So, a tiny minority controls the vast majority since a long time. People will (if ever) only react when it will be too late. But hey, I didn’t want to go into politics, this is about traveling, right?!


Err… the implications of that statement are potentially disturbing with regard to Italy.





Keeping the faucet closed does not make you a “kind of guy,” which would seem to imply something out of the ordinary.

Like: I’m the kind of guy who carries their bike up and down the escalator.


I’m sorry, I feel a little dumb, but… I still don’t get it. :sweat_smile:

What do being “a kind of guy” and “Italy” have in common? And why being “a kind of guy” should be disturbing?

Oh, nevermind. I have this stupid habit of trying to understand everything I read. :wink:


If you’re “a kind of guy” who does something that isn’t ordinary, that implies the rest of Italy always leaves the water running.


I can’t speak for the whole nation, but I have the feeling that leaving the faucet running is the default option indeed.


And Kate specifically pointed it out as well. And I heard simliar things in Germany. So it doesn´t seem to be limited to Italy, England or Germany. Though I don´t know anyone who does leave it running.


I don’t know what other people generally do, but for me leaving the faucet running is really odd.
Although there was this one time I was flying from San Francisco to Seattle…


Rothenburg ob der Tauber with Christmas lights.


And once again, you´re relatively close to me!


I’m not there, I’m still in Italy, it’s a picture I found and loved :blush:


Oh, okay I assumed because it’s the travel thread.


Yes, sorry, it’s an off topic in this topic, as usual :joy:


FTFY :laughing:


10x :blush:


Something for our Italian friends, if you’re ever in Taipei and miss home

Haven’t seen the play, just been to the puppet museum, so no idea if they’d actually perform in Italian. The sign also just caught my attention on the way out, so I did not enquire about it.

The museum I’ll recommend. Small and intimate, in a truly nice old building.

Now I want to watch “Räuber Hotzenplotz” again.


I have no clue what’s up with those Italians, but turns out the small LEGO exhibition we went to had stuff built by the Linux … uh … LEGO user group Romabrick.

They’d even built the Forum Romanum, and I’d never known there were actual LEGiOnnair figures.

However, the coolest part, the one that took me right down memory lane, was a display of 30 year old space LEGO. Nothing custom built, just the original models (quite a few of which I had as a child) lined up in a moon landscape. Never thought I’d see any of those again …


Might be custom outfits like these or simply clever repurposing from other sets.


I had those exact horses and knights too! Weird how just looking at the photo brings me right back to feeling like an 8-year old… because, you know, I’m way more mature now. :crazy_face: