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Yeah, not like that either…damn, I know…so much bad about Munich, Oktoberfest terrorism 1980, Olympia 72, Birthplace of Nazism etc… :frowning:

Yeah, I´m in a gloomy mood myself :worried:…hope that´ll change tomorrow. I´m sure it will actually!


You forgot: decor of a Gabriel Knight game full of horror (not to mention FMV!) You sure picked a place!


I know right? Where is Grace Nakimura when you need her?


I´ll be off soon. And OF COURSE it´s raining! :cloud_with_rain:


Yay, rain! :smiley:

Um, I mean, doom, gloom and all that. >_>


View from hotel.


Spending some quality time with @tasse-tee in Munich .


Did you get any Weisswurst?


Nice! And even the weather looks fine, for British means this is probably called dust-dry. :slight_smile:


:smile::+1: congratulations!!!


Thanks! We’re both winning!:grin:


At Stragula 2 years too late for the Thimbleweed Park meeting.


:notes::musical_note:magic-a-boola, meet in Stragula, bee dee bee bodee dee boo… :notes::musical_note:


Sunset here.


So I assume you both weren’t there at that time.
Terrible Toybox should do an anniversary party on 30th of March there! (Big Thimbleweed Park Anniversary Celebrations!)

Did they change the name after making their sign? It looks like “Stragǔla”.


Closed Chinese Tower.

Having fun in town.

Deutsches Museum


Visit from the caponians?

Checking out Vomit Hill at the empty Oktoberfest place.

Not going to the Zoo. :sweat_smile:

@tasse-tee with Tasse Tee. :blush:


I’m back from Hamburg. The weather wasn’t very good but we had a lot of fun. :slight_smile:


We´ve both landed save at our way too far apart homes now. But this certainly won´t be the last you´ve seen from us, if we got to visit other interesting places in the future. :relaxed:


I’ve wondered where you have been!
But I’ve seen that you have already caught up with the most important discussions you’ve missed.


Yes, Sorry, I should have announced that in this thread. :slight_smile: But we had some preparations to do and during the vacation we had so much things to visit (like the world’s largest model railway) that I forgot TWP for a short time. :wink: