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Oh, yeah I heard about that one! We´ll might go there ourselves one day, since there´s also many places I´d like to visit there.

Our next two or three trips are more or less planned out already, though. :laughing:

Yeah…we´re organised! :sunglasses:


Hints: Take your time(*) and order the tickets online.

(*) We needed >6 hours - and we haven’t seen every detail.

Tell us more! :smiley:

Well, you are German, aren’t you? :wink:


We went through the german museum taking as much in as we cared to. I think we´ll be fine. :smile:

In due time. Depending how exciting the destinations are and what sights they have. :slightly_smiling_face:

But we both are well organised, and as for me that is probably the only thing sterotypical german about me (and I don´t even know many people who actually are like that in real life). :face_with_monocle:


Needing a quiet and peaceful vacation. On the recommendation of this forum I just booked a bus ticket to a little town called Thimbleweed Park. Heard it’s nice and quiet, and the sunsets look stunning.

I’ve heard the locals are a bit odd, but I’m sure that’s all there is to worry about.


Don’t forget to try some of the local food! :yum:


Where I’m from the worse German tourists often go around like “GRRR why can’t I get coffee at 6 AM” and “you’re right at the sea, how can today’s catch be sold out at 2 PM.” :wink:


I always notice that in hotels myself, german tourists are the worst!


I realise we both didn´t document our visit to the art gallery on sunday.

So here´s a dramatisation:

(partly accurate)


Oh look, somebody made an HD version of this famous Edison painting:

@patrik3dspacek: Was that you?


nope, not me :slight_smile:


:shushing_face: With him being him I´d take his word for it when he doesn´t take credit for once!

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Visiting La Biennale Di Venezia this May!


Business trip?


No, visiting the Vernissage of the Singapore Pavillon. A friend of mine is the representative artist there this year. And my wife assisted him. Yay!

EDIT: Does anyone know a good and cheap hotel/b&b in Venice?

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No, but I wouldn’t suggest “sleeping under a bridge…” :drum:


Very funny! :smiley:
Tried to visualize myself under a bridge in Venice.

Alright. We found a place in Mestre, which is not too expensive. Now I’m asking if you know a good restaurant. And what is the specialty I should try in Venice? What is Italy famous for? :stuck_out_tongue:


:pineapple: :pizza:


How dare you, heretical blasphemer! :rofl:

@Mario Anyway, it’s quite a while I don’t go to Venice. Try some risotto (rice dish), maybe some fried fish, and don’t miss Tiramisù :star_struck:.

Some other people who visit the city more often than me, could suggest you other dishes too!


You use these words a lot lately, have you hung out a certain place in rome a lot lately? :thinking:


Ahah, no… I’ve recently read some books about medieval age (mostly Le Goff), and seen the new TV adaptation of Eco’s the Name of the Rose. Maybe that’s why… :joy:
Oh and obviously the other conversation with the heretical reference started by NinjaGamer :slight_smile: .

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