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The totally rad clothes thread

Anyone here into clothes?

I mean, I’m not particularly into them, but I figured someone here must be, simply by law of averages…

I’ve been scoping out these completely awesome, not-at-all-garish shoes recently -

I´ve been in and out of clothes for most of my life.


Wow :eyes:

I’m trying to clothes shop right now for holiday, but there are no summer clothes left anywhere, hurrumph.


I cannot believe I had used that same reaction in an earlier version of my above post.

Well I guess at this point I better belive it. :joy:


I think the shoes would go well with this outfit, what do you think –


I wonder where these accordion pants exhaust their air. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


He looks like one of those Ken cut-out outfit packs that kids used to have :smile:


I was going to say “technically I’m into my clothes now” but I see Milan made a similar remark.

I’m so into clothes that I think I bought a single pair of pants in the last 8 years because I moved south and it’s warmer so my usual pants are too warm.

But I do spend a lot of time searching for the right-looking shoes when I have to buy a new pair of running shoes.



I’ve got two pairs of shorts - one of them is a Nike pair I’ve had since I was 14 and they’re the pair I also lent to girlfriends if they slept over, to wear as part of a makeshift pajama outfit.
They still look as new as the day they were bought.

Ehm… I fear to ask… Is the joke intentional? :sweat_smile:


I’ve spent a couple of minutes, but I’ve not spotted it yet, please point it out to me…

If the shorts look like new, how many girlfriends wore them?


Seems it was unintentional, then. :blush:


Haha, oh man, I hadn’t even read it that way, that’s amazing

They just do literally look brand new somehow, I think it’s because they’re made from some kind of indestructible polyester material

Nike shorts actually are made of an indestructible polyester material. Believe me.

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Nike Indestructible Shorts™. For the man who changes girlfriends more often than his pants. Only in the best stores.


Yeah, I’ve been through multiple other pairs of shorts over the years and they’re the only ones still standing.
Hence why they were loaned out, due to their hardy nature. I could trust them to handle anything that was thrown at them.

Yep. Blood and other liquids just drip off …

But you have to be able to touch that fabric(?) - it’s “cold”, full of electricity after an exercise and like a plastic foil …

So how often do you usually bleed into your Nike Shorts, then?

During my regular sugar kick boxing sessions:

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