Pillow bears exist

Look what I saw in a store today:
A bear …that can be folded into a (travel) pillow!


That kind of looks like a turd.


You mean travel turd

That’s probably why the ones in TWP are blue, red,… anything but real-life brown.

Now the real question is: was this kind of gadget known prior to TWP or not? I checked the package in the store and it mentioned a patent, so I guess it does exist for some time (for sure not inspired by TWP).

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Yeah, it always surprises me when I see that underwear comes in colors brown and yellow… :confused:


Are you the type of guy who buys an all white or all black vehicle? Cars will get dirty sooner or later! :stuck_out_tongue:

now look what you did with this post thread, @PiecesOfKate. It did start out civil, now it’s just disgusting. :ransome:

My car is a shiny silver. However… now I’m grossed out by the reference you were making. :dizzy_face:

What’s going on! I just like to talk about cars :smiley:

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I thought we are discussing the color of underwear…?

And @Nor_Treblig is discussing the color of used underwear. Stay in topic!


Hey, I drew lots of traffic your way :wink:

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If a bear wears used underwear, how much poo would the bear poo?

Sorry, just wanted to join in the topic! :poop:

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Bear Pillows exist, too!

Um, well. That was underwhelming.,

The only bear wearing clothes I know of is most likely a sex offender:

(also see: Minor Differences 4)

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That’s because Weenie-the-poo-who-don’t-infringe-the-copyright doesn’t wear his underwear anymore, they were too… used.


Maybe he’s wearing them right now, but they’re hard to see because they’re yellow.

(I won’t speculate on WHY they’re yellow.)

He was previously sitting in a pot of honey? I don’t know, I’m just a car guy.

Phew. I’m glad you are not the cable guy

Or a jealous guy.

(Unless you could play that guitar solo)