The totally unofficial workout thread!

I know we have a jogging thread, but I thought I’d make a general workout thread, either for what you do at the moment, what you used to do, or what you will be doing in the future…

My general “routine” is to do push-ups and pull-ups every other day and sometimes mix it up with squats, dips, or lunges.

In the past I used to do a lot of running, but it never helped me much because I was already thin and didn’t want to be that thin and running just made it hard to keep muscle on.

So then I started lifting weights and eating more and that helped a lot and I got pretty close to the kind of shape I wanted to be in…
I also found that using body weight seemed to be just as effective and so I’ve just maintained since then by doing body weight exercises regularly.

I also do everything at home, going to a gym seems like it would take longer than the actual workout for me.

I think @RonGilbert said he did boxing as a workout? (unless I imagined it)
Ages ago I did have a punch bag and it did tire you out very quickly, that seems like a fun way to stay in shape.


I have a small training room in my building, with a couple of machines that we can use for free as well as a small sauna. I managed to go there once in six months :stuck_out_tongue: as I wrote in the jogging thread, I’m currently training for a half marathon, but the training program has also strength exercises, but nothing special. I can’t do push-ups because after two or three my wrists hurt, especially the left one. Maybe I have to find a better position.

I used to work out at the gym a couple of years ago, while I was at the university - the free entrance + the flexible working hours were a perfect incentive. There was this wonderful machine for pull-ups where the weight was your own body, and you could add weight to counterbalance it. So you were doing regular pull-ups, the very same movement you’d do by yourself, but weighing less. I loved it, because I’ve never been able to do pull-ups, and I never liked the surrogate exercises on the usual machines. After a while, I was finally able to lift myself with no counterbalance weight :slight_smile:


I think people usually give up on pull-ups initially because they seem impossible when you can’t do them, but with most people I’ve seen it usually only takes a couple of weeks of trying them to be able to do them. Then a few weeks after that they become enjoyable – they’re my favourite exercise I think.

(Side note: We have a “sport” thread)

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