The Will of Arthur Flabbington - Kickstarter campaign

Times New Roman doesn’t support Kanji and emojis. But it has some graphical elements similar to the PETSCII chars. Maybe you could “draw” something with them? :wink:

Use the Unicode values. :wink:

Shouldn’t this work then: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯?

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Hm, it seems like that Japanese character is not part of that font, but why doesn’t LibreOffice Writer show me this? I can paste this character and change it to different fonts but the character won’t change and Writer tells me the wrong font on that character.

I’ve used MS Office in the past for such character tests and it seemed to be more reliable there.

Belated congratulations for the successful kickstarter! I’m really glad you succeeded in the end. Looking forward to playing the game with full voice (and finding my tombstone :wink:)!


I don’t know, but… I can try nevertheless. I mean, if I don’t go above and beyond for my forum friends, what’s the meaning of it all?

@Frenzie write me (in private maybe) what you originally thought and I’ll check if it works :smile:

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What I submitted is what I want (unless it looks weird in the game?) , but my original thought was simply the basic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

PS What I submitted was this: