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Thimblecon 87 Shirts: Which color?

The Thimblecon T-shirts are available in navy and yellow. What is the most beautiful color?

  • Yellow
  • Navy
  • They are both beautiful!

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Both are definitely 80’s though! :smiley:

Hm… The yellow/gold version looks more like 70s to me…

Yellow for outdoor activities in sunny days.

Blue for the evening, drinking a beer with friends at the pub.

I’ll buy both. (but I would have preferred something more suitable for winter)

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I’d love a cosy TWP hoodie.

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You convinced me to order both colors. :slight_smile: So it is now official: I’ve paid over 1 Million(*) Dollar for Thimbleweed Park and the merch stuff so far. @RonGilbert: What achievement do I get for reaching this goal?

(*) estimated (deduced from the negative balance of my current bank statement)

Yes, please! And with the Thimblecon logo! Fangamer - do you hear us? :slight_smile:

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I might postpone the purchase of the yellow one, though. For reasons that I don’t understand, I tend to wear more color-saturated shirts in the summer (like the awesome “The Greatest American Hero” red t-shirt I bought this year) and less color-saturated shirts in the winter.

I see myself wearing the blue t-shirt in the following months, but not so much the yellow one.

I’d love a hoodie. But first it needs to start getting cold in Seattle.

The Blue doesn’t come in XS. This bummed my son that already has the city limits shirt. I could get a bigger size, but the XS is already too big for him.

We’re getting there in London. There’s a slight breeze.

Man, it´s been almost 20 years, but when I was there we got all the weathers (within one week in late august).

Sounds about right. I currently have sunglasses and a massive umbrella in my bag.

That´s the London I remember, except that little ferris wheel you have now (missed it by about 2 years).

Aye, the Eye. It’s a bit slow and not really worth the money. Looks pretty though!

Sure we might have tried it, had it been there in 1998. Above that we stuck with the usual I guess. Wax Museum, Tower etc. Would I go there again today I´d probably stick my head out for stuff I´m interested in like Beatles-sights, Python-sights etc. and that ginormous comic book shop…Forbidden Planet I think…but enough off topic.

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