Would you buy the "Bark Box"?

On Twitter the Thimbleweed Park Team (well, I would guess Ron did it :wink: ) posted a “Thimbleweed Bark Box”: A Box filled with plushies - for dogs. For every team member there is one item: Franklin contributed a pillow bear for example.

Would you buy such a box via Fangamer? For you? For a dog? :slight_smile:

  • Yes, I want it for me!
  • Yes, I want it for my dog(s)!
  • Yes, I want it for me and my dogs!
  • No, I don’t want that.

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It looks really neat but as I´ve written over there already I´m a bit dissapointed that Ransome´s item feels so impersonal to him. But maybe they don´t have any clown releated stuff?

These are all items that came in past Bark Boxes, so I’m surprised there as many “fits” as there were. Bark Box does have a Balloon Animal toy, but we would have to order it separately.

Oh yeah especially the blue bear is great!

When looking closely at the to do list it´s actually kind of hilarious when you apply it to Ransome in your head.

@RonGilbert: Have you (and Fangamer) ever thought about making some plushies? For example a (mini) bear?

We did, but they are quite expensive and take months to manufacture.

Oh, that’s interesting: I though that one can manufacture plushies very cheap in China. :slight_smile:


I was about to post a picture but couldn´t find any non disturbing one.

That’s a premiere. :wink:

I do have my limits (turns out it´s suffering children).

Manufacturing isn’t he issue, it’s designing them and the it takes to get protype back, approve them and then it’s months to have them delivered. None of it is insurmountable, it’s just not worth it. We make little money of this merch (we make more from 1 day of Steam sales). We do it because it fun.

By not doing a TwP Box you´re missing out on the super duper original and way funny opportunity to call it Thimbleweed Bark Box…yay funny…:neutral_face:

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Too bad none pledged $10,000 for a handmade one-of-a-kind plushie, during the Kickstarter campaign.

I’m surprised that such kind of service actually exists. :neutral_face:

Not a dog person, then?

Maybe I have misunderstood what the service is about. It’s a subscription service that periodically sends to you a plushy for your dog?

A couple it seems and they get collected in themed boxes with names. Of course there´s been a dinosaur one called Jurrasic Bark already hence my originality comment earlier.

I love dogs, anyway. While I don’t have any now, when I was a kid we had great danes. They were the dominant species in the house.

Doesn’t they offer “standard plushie bears” where the customer chose the color and let the company name embroider - and that’s it? :slight_smile:

They show up once a month and include 2 or 3 “toys” and a bunch of treats, all tied to the theme for the month. They are really good quality and fun toys. Pep knows when the Bark Box shows up and goes crazy.