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But, but… I already have all of that! One thing I’d like is this T-Shirt, but it doesn’t seem like it will be restocked:

I bought a T-shirt and recently the box+artbook, via IPA/DHL eCommerce and they got delivered (to Belgium) very nicely (I wasn’t home when the mailman came, so they left a message for me to pick it up at the postal office). On-line tracking was perfect, I only had to sign for collecting the package (which is a good thing, as it is a secured delivery). And best thing: no import duties or VAT to pay, since the values of the goods that they declared are low (not zero, but below the EU limits; probably the actual costs of the goods) which is around 25% of what you paid them. In short: any order from fangamer below $100 should be no hassle with IPA.

My own experience was very pleasant as well. I believe I had the same shipping option ($15 to Switzerland). Took about ten days to arrive, with great online tracking and actual delivery by the domestic postal service, which IMO causes the least amount of hassle if you’re not home. Though the TWP box was small enough to fit into the letterbox, so I didn’t even have to go to the post office to pick it up.

:open_mouth: How big is your letterbox?

Too lazy now to go downstairs and take a picture, and I haven’t found the exact same model online (if the boxes are as old as the building, they’re likely out of style since at least 30 years). But it basically has two compartments, one for regular mail with a small opening and a lock. And then there is a bigger compartment for bulky stuff. Similar to this:

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The idea with the toilet paper on the labels is the best thing ever:


Yes! This is really, really great!

oh wow, this is awesome. Got into the vinyl world a couple years ago, I’m getting this! Thanks for pointing it out. This is official merchandise right?..

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btw: Where do I get this fancy RecordTron 3000™? Please tell me! I neeeeeed that device!


Why, my friend, why!!! Why are you telling me this?! It is the most vinylous vinyl I’ve ever seen. If not for this soundtrack, what use could a vinyl have?!

I really want this. WANT!!!

Calm down man, it´s almost as if you were spinning right round, baby right round like a record, baby right round round round! :cd:

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Oh great! Now I have an earworm!

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Somewhat related (TWP - Ron Gilbert - …)

The The Cave figurines are on sale ($7 far all 7):


:open_mouth: That is amazing! Ooooh I really want it.

I’m so excited that if any other merch for games I like pop up, I might just


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It looks really pretty!

The next big thing is the walkthrough on VHS! No, wait for it! Beta Max! That would explain why there are no tapes out there to buy anymore, because they were all used to produce the merch walkthrough.

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That’s a great idea! Maybe game commentary on VHS…


I was am quite sad that there are no new P’n’C games in the pipeline atm by ex-lucas arts employees.

So I decided to feed my addiction with some new Thimbleweed Merch:

Got myself a T-Shirt, Vinyl and Tape Cassette… now if only I could get my hands on a phone book!

Love the pixelated sticker that came with the T-Shirt too!


I have the T shirt and vinyl, I love them!

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I also got the T-Shirt, cards, and mousepad a while back. I love that when I’m at my desk, every time I look down at the mouse I see Ray and Reyes’ pixelated faces.
:ray: :reyes:


Same. And I get to explain it to my coworkers from time to time :slight_smile:

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