Thimbleweed Merch

If you don’t have enough space to display nice Lego starships here is a miniature alternative:

Rather-small-starships from a 3D printer

Scientists 3D print microscopic Star Trek spaceship that moves on its own - CNN

Ha! In 1994 1984 we had already a Microscopic Space Fleet as part of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”: :upside_down_face:

/edit: It was 1984 and not 1994. The game is from Infocom, btw.


That’s great! Like pixel dust post-it notes but even more useless :smiley:

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I would like to purchase another Thimbleweed Park mug.

Does anybody know where to buy it? The Fangamer website has no merchandise.

Actually, I am so enamored with its style, that I would even evaluate purchasing mugs unrelated to TWP but having the same shape.


I fear only eBay would be the place to buy such a (used) mug. But I’m confident that you’ll find mugs in the same shape. I have seen them several times in the past. Unfortunately I can’t point you to a shop.

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Thanks, I have finally found that kind of mugs searching for “diners’ mugs” on Google, which is a kind of search that I didn’t think of, previously.

Maybe I can make a custom TWP one, if I find the images. :slight_smile:

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I have one and it’s getting worn. My fave mug!

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Mine too! I use it daily! :slight_smile:

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