Thimbweed Park Vinyl Soundtrack!

Wow! This is amazing. I just ordered it. Never bought a soundtrack of a computer game before, let alone on vinyl! :slight_smile:


I know! Looks very well done, too. Previously discussed here also:

Shoot - how do you properly link to another post? This sort of works, but doesn’t let you click through to the full discussion…

I do it by just copying the link that appears when the post I want to link to is on top on the brower. If you look in the command line you see that the numbers change as you scroll down a thread, those correspond to the post you want to link to, just copy the link when you see it´s the one you want to refer to.

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Ah, you’re right.

That´s odd, usually that should show a little window where you see a short summary of the post and the thread title?!

When I did this the last time, it worked. So, it must have been changed. It worked just like an external link.

Usually it should show the thread link too, but it only quotes the post. But the link on the other side (meaning in the thread that we tried to link to) works as it displays the link to this topic.

I also think so.

Milan, you mean like this:
(I’ve clicked on the chain icon in message editor and I’ve copied the link obtained as you suggested)

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Mmhh, the chain symbol on that post redirects me to my link above, this is really confusing!

Yes, it should pretty much work how I described, because that´s the way it always did, but not now it appears.

This is amazing. This is the correct side, of course.
Won’t be playing the other side.