Thimbleweed Park and shady web marketing tactics

This is a little story about serendipity.

A few days ago I gave a speech at “Web Marketing Festival”, which is the biggest web marketing event in Italy.

My speech was about a very shady web marketing tactic that companies use to create links that point to their websites. The method consists into contacting a blogger/journalist and asking him/her to modify one of their existing posts/articles to add a link to the website to promote.

The week before creating my presentation I was randomly browsing the web, searching for reviews and articles about Thimbleweed Park. I started reading a review about the game and, to my extreme surprise, at the bottom of this article I found an added paragraph containing an unrelated link to a casino website!

That was the perfect example of the tactic that I was going to talk at the conference, so I added to my presentation a slide about Thimbleweed Park and a few more slides about that article! :smiley:

At the event I also met a few colleagues who love adventure games and we talked about Thimbleweed Park and other games. One of these colleagues is also developing an adventure game!

Lesson learned: your hobbies and your professional life can meet completely by chance. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you think I should ask Terrible Toybox a lot of money for having advertised their game?


So you gave a talk about a particular subject (web marketing) and mentioned a completely unrelated web site (Thimbleweed Park) during it? Sounds like you did what you were talking about! :laughing:

You are a shady advertiser for the game… hehehe just kidding. :slight_smile: cool story.

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So then… a correct advertising would be:

  • create a Casino Website
  • add a paragraph containing a link to the Thimbleweed Park website

Yeah. The title of this thread is a reference to my tactics. :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be perfect.


Do you happen to know the South Park Episode where ads become so intelligent to the point of actually being sentinent humans?

No, I don’t know that episode. But I know sentient humans who became so dumb that they spend their whole life making/selling ads.