Thimbleweed Park best quotes

French and Russian are actually the only 1:1 translations according to Google Translate.
Spanish and Italian add more context by talking about “Challenger O-rings”.

Here is the Russian version:
Willie: Я разработал уплотнительное кольцо.
Reyes: Слишком рано.
Ray: Ага, слишком рано, прояви уважение.

I forgot that line. It was hilarious. :smiley:

It was “Junta tórica”. :slight_smile:


Yes, confirmed: my co-worker said “rubber rings”, describing what an O-ring actually is. But with no references to the Challenger.

So the german version is the only one language that completly changed the content of the “too soon” line? Oh Boris, you can go your own way!

I hope your beephole Diner gets hit by a meteor

Especially relevant since now you can buy it as mug from Fangamer:

Sandy: Shut up, Dave!

Fun fact: This line is said at 11 different times. 6 times it’s with exclamation mark.

That may be used in Spain. In South America “o’ring” is used in everyday speech, untranslated.

In Puerto Rico we call it “arandela.”

“Arandela” is “washer” for me. What word do you use for washer?

Yeah, it’s a washer. But we don’t have a word for gasket. They’re all the same. Hehehe

I have a few favourite quotes - not just from what is said, but how they say it. You can find them in these scenarios:

  • When Ray uses her phone while in the bank. To call the bank.
  • Reyes’ reply when the bank manager protests to his paperweight being stolen.
  • Reyes’ confession to Ray just before she gets on the bus.

I have no idea what the reference means and I don’t remember Willy saying it either (UK)

Because in english he refers to the Challenger explosion which was in 1986 and in german they replaced it with a reference to the murder of politician Uwe Barschel which was in 1987.

Germany and Censorship with games goes way back, doesn’t it? Do you remember Barbarian and the blood that had to be green and Mortal Kombat!

Does he? I didn’t get that. I’ll have a look though the texts. BRB.
Yeah I see it now he does as well. I remember Challenger :confused:

That’s the one that blew up as it took off. I remember watching it on the news. But I don’t know what an O ring means?
Just looked it up.

Once I’d got anything useful out of Willie I just let him be. He kept banging on about Ransome merch and Second Hand Crystals. I thought perhaps you needed to get that Crystal from the penthouse maybe something secret but no…

You have to question Willie a lot of times to get that.

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In this case it´s more localisation than censorship. Both of these are rather tasteless, I guess they thought it was recognised more easily in german, I don´t know.

The absense of an o-ring seal was blamed for the shuttle blowing up on take off. It is also a rather obscure reference to an early version of Maniac Mansion where Ron had planned to put that very missing O-Ring as an inventory item into the mansion (which was on par with the missing reactor cooling device from Chernobyl that is found in the cellar).


Wasn’t he your Prime Minister? Got accused of a WaterGate type espionage thing?

Not of my part of the country (we had a far worse criminal, who choked on his own vomit a year later).

But yes there are all sorts of conspiracies associated with his body having been found in his bathtub. It was ruled suicide but no one believed that. Ransome admits he killed him in the german version.

Edit: Seems like @tasse-tee is enjoying my little history lesson. :smile:


Ah yes. You do (well we do) forget the days before the wall came down. Oh what a night that was. It built for so long but to watch people hand down parts of the wall and put hands through the wall. Should never have happened in the first place.

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Indeed I am! And especially the references in adventure games.