Thimbleweed Park best quotes

Feel free to contribute with your favorite quotes! :slight_smile:

???: Knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock

Franklin: That was quick! Oh! It’s you. How did you know I was here?

???: Zzzzzaap!

Ransome: How does it feel to know that this is you peak?

Leonard: Dude, quit harshing my buzz. You sound like my mom.

Ransome: Nah, your mom sounds like this… “Oh yeah! Ransome! Ransome! Oh yeah! Ransome!”

Reyes: We’re all just living in a giant computer game!

Natalie: Wow. I kind of suspected that. I have a reporter’s notebook full of odd anachronisms and continuity errors.

Delores: Hi Doug. What are you digging?

Doug: Awright Delores. A’m juist diggin’ stuff in th’entryway. Mostly holes. Then ah burries thaim again, a’ neat ‘n’ tidy.

Delores: OK Doug. You’re doing a good job.


Pigeon “Brothers”: The signals are very strong tonight.

FingerTron 3000™: Party like it’s 1999.

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Here is another quote (I assume they don’t need to be in-game):

Ron Gilbert @PAXWest2016:

Interviewer: Cost [of digital download of TWP]?
Ron: Uh I don’t know that yet.
Interviewer: Don’t know yet?
Ron: Less than a million dollars.
Ron: You can quote me on that.


Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

Willy: "I designed the ‘O’ Rings…"
Agents Ray and Reyes: “Ooh, too soon.”

LOL! :laughing:

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Has this part been localized anywhere else? In the german version this has been switched for a reference to the murder of a famous german politician that remains unsolved to this day and took place in 1987 (making this even more “too soon”).


The “O-ring” line has not been localized in Spanish nor in Italian. It has been just translated.

That leaves, I think, russian and french. French I could maaaaaaybe check myself (hahahahaha) but russian. Nope.

I have a co-worker who knows Russian.
If you paste here the sentence, I can give you a human feedback.

Agent Reyes: “What did you see?” ( After giving Madame Morena the trippy mushroom… )
Madame Morena: “Unless the killer was a rainbow dragon powered by starshine I can´t help you”
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


So, what is it, “rosquillas” or “anillos ‘o’”? :laughing:

French and Russian are actually the only 1:1 translations according to Google Translate.
Spanish and Italian add more context by talking about “Challenger O-rings”.

Here is the Russian version:
Willie: Я разработал уплотнительное кольцо.
Reyes: Слишком рано.
Ray: Ага, слишком рано, прояви уважение.

I forgot that line. It was hilarious. :smiley:

It was “Junta tórica”. :slight_smile:


Yes, confirmed: my co-worker said “rubber rings”, describing what an O-ring actually is. But with no references to the Challenger.

So the german version is the only one language that completly changed the content of the “too soon” line? Oh Boris, you can go your own way!

I hope your beephole Diner gets hit by a meteor

Especially relevant since now you can buy it as mug from Fangamer:

Sandy: Shut up, Dave!

Fun fact: This line is said at 11 different times. 6 times it’s with exclamation mark.

That may be used in Spain. In South America “o’ring” is used in everyday speech, untranslated.

In Puerto Rico we call it “arandela.”

“Arandela” is “washer” for me. What word do you use for washer?

Yeah, it’s a washer. But we don’t have a word for gasket. They’re all the same. Hehehe