Thimbleweed Park box cover art by Marco Hüllen

Marco Hüllen is Daedalic lead artist behind the games “The Whispered World” and “Silence”.

He has created a series of images about Thimbleweed Park and I’m sharing here the one that I like the most: a box cover art for the game!

I love the squirrel and the Mmucasflem Games logo!

Source and full gallery of TWP images.


Yes, that’s really, really great! I would love to see that as a real box!

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Yep, definitly better than the actual cover. I really like this!

Wait…did I say that out loud again?


I think I might like the version, that has more color in it even better.

If you´re talking about what Ransome has got in his hair, I´m pretty sure that´s little beeper the hamster.

I like the fact that youi can see the Radio Station, the hotel and the factory all at the same time in the backround.

Oh, yes, that makes sense. It reminded me of a squirrel drawn in a typical Disney style.

I don’t see the hotel. Where is it?

The structure in the middle between the agents looked more like the architectural style of the hotel than the factory to me, but given that it has bricks and on the left and right hand side, are parts of the factory it is probably part of the factory too(though I can´t remember a tower like that on the factory building).

I love that. Especially the contrast between Ransome and Delores (even if Delores has a touch too much Disney).

The style of the title is obviously inspired by Stranger Things.
It reminds of the Lucas game boxes. Nice fan art!
Though, Ransome’s face differs very much from how I have imagined his face.
It’s also great to see that Marco Hüllen likes TWP!

I also find the title a bit Twin-Peaks-esque - neon font against a faded background. Which for me hints at the unfamiliar, toxic weirdness about to infiltrate an old, quiet town. Like ketchup spilled on one of those old-style dinner mats with illustrations of villages on them - new stuff blighting old stuff.

This is beautiful.

I agree. But I like Marco’s interpretation: If I imagine Ransome’s voice, it fits perfectly to Marco’s box art.

nice marble edges too!

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There is an update and some more pictures.


Love the general style and colors, and how it resembles the classic LA boxes.

The characters, not so much. For some reasons they evoke memories of The Flintstones, or Yogi Bear. Except for Delores, who might as well have escaped from some Manga.

A combination of the background with the characters from the original box would be a blast, though :slight_smile:.

Amazing art. Love the stranger things + twin peaks style others mentioned. Also Ray is spot on!