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Thimbleweed Park Fan Forum Podcast #0 (Pilot)


That´s odd, that elevator has only one mirror. Most of those I know have them on three walls so you can “stare into infinity” on the opposing ones.


Looks like an older elevator to me. The artist who made these photos has chosen “older” rooms for the other pictures too:


Yes, I was just talking about the mic there. I hear Michael Jackson used a Shure SM7B. (Well, if I were him I’d have a few dozen mics to pick from depending on my mood so that probably doesn’t mean anything…)


Yeah those wood panneled elevators used to be all the rage in the 60s and 70s. There are a rare sight today but I know some. Despite living in a place that is very short on elevators in general.


Some of them could have been covered in shiny pearls for all we know!


YouTube thought this was a relevant search result for microphones:


Do you need a recommendation? :slight_smile:


I was just looking for microphone videos, but sure, why not. I’ll just file it in my notes for future reference. :slight_smile:

(Unless you mean a recommendation for mic vids: then yes, totally.)


I’m a little bit confused: You mean test videos? Unboxing videos? Videos that are showing how to place mics?


Well, I was mildly curious about listening to one or two tests after the above (insofar as YouTube audio quality is even good enough), but anything goes as far as real human recommendations go.


That being said, I’m not really into those ASMR type unboxing vids.


Go to the online shop Thomann. They have sound examples for most (or a lot) of their microphones and on this page a lot of videos. (You can switch the language of the website in the upper right corner if necessary.)


Got most of my music stuff from them.


Yes, it is the biggest music store in Germany. I haven’t found a competitor with the same amount of (different) products.


I think “use Sushi with Skype” is yet another easter egg death.


That might explain why we could never reach him in the end :wink:


So, @Sushi when can we expect a transcript? :wink:


That would help people to sleep even more than the podcast itself! :wink:


Though to be fair, the ending is pure thrilling excitement! :wink:


A major plot twist! :scream: