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Thimbleweed Park Fan Forum Podcast #0 (Pilot)


I would recommend to create a new thread “TWP Fan Forum Podcast #1” and ask there for (new) questions and stuff you can “make” during the podcast. :slight_smile: If that doesn’t help, send me a PM - I’ll keep you busy. :wink:

Improvise a new song. If you don’t like that idea: The Internet is full of free music (as in free beer). The Creative Commons site recommends these music archives:


That’s a good suggestion.
Ah, I’m still expecting to hear: “Baby, you’re so adequate”



I’ll write a TWP based sitcom for you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Read through some of the extended exchanges between @PiecesOfKate and me. I think it basically writes itself. :grin:


There were some TWP related discussions? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not many, but they took place here, didn´t they?


Are TWP related discussions allowed in this forum?


The only rule is: there are NO rules


I’m waiting for a punk rock version of “The Signals are Strong”, our collaboration from a few months ago.


Well yeah? :stuck_out_tongue: Sometimes we watch something like GT Live or LGR together.


Erm… Gran Turismo and Lemmings Going Rabbit?


Lame Groundless Rappers?


Leisure Glove Ronny?


Lovely Glamour Rubies?


Limblegeed Rark?