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Thimbleweed Park Fan Forum Podcast #0 (Pilot)


Milan: Katie, I think I can´t find it.
Katie: OH NO!!! WHERE IS IT??!



With the 30 minutes of silence in the middle, that shouldn’t take too long…



I thought @someone edited that out?

Did I send the file to the wrong person?

I meant to send it to @someone but instead I sent it to @no-one?

That @no-one never gets anything done! :angry:


He told me that he did that.


He said that he got the file from you.


So no one did nothing wrong? As always…


Maybe everyone did everything right …


That almost always never happens.


I didn’t sleep but I did do other things while listening. What was that about me finishing Zak McKracken quickly or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think I did though. It’s just that like Thimbleweed Park & Gorogoa (and unlike, say, Mark of the Ninja or Tomb Raider) you can play it in bed as an alternative to reading a book.


Heheh, I think the word I was looking for was send people to sleep - as in, from boredom :wink:
But I can tell that you paid attention the whole way through. Yay!


Thats great, not even I did that! :crazy_face:


So your wife is ok with you taking a laptop into bed? :open_mouth:


And now for something completely different:

When can we expect the next Podcast? :smiley:


When people stop focusing on below average sound quality and help us with topics to talk about.

But I´m open for an intro song suggestion!


Oh, come on! You’re good enough with the guitar you can handle a cover of “No quarter”!


My guitar playing hands can, but I´m not sure about my wallet.


That’s a problem easily to be solved!


But it still weirds me out when people refer to the KScumm song like that. What is the name of the
Quickie Pal music? Stairway To Heaven?


You’ll never believe, but I got to know the Led Zeppelin’s one because of TWP :stuck_out_tongue:


This is where I would make a whippersnapper joke, if I wouldn´t know you´re actually a few months older than me.


You have a very good memory, I don’t even remember if I ever said something about it, but that’s just true!