Thimbleweed Park Italian fan dub Project - Official Thread(TM)

Yes. She is really great.

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I am 99% sure I will retake most of my Reyes lines, with better acting quality.


I can’t wait to play this in Italian and choose “Svalvolòdromo” for Ricki’s store name.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I’ll inform Serena !


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Thanks Calypso. :slight_smile:


Do you remember when I gave you these numbers, in august?

Well, I lied.

Errr… it was actually an half-truth… Let me explain: we had just assigned the character of Delores to Sonia. Since Sonia is @Guga’s wife, I consider her very reliable.
Since the character of Delores alone accounts for 17% of the lines of the whole game, the real number of lines I had back then was 77%, which reflects my statement of a few posts earlier:

Out of enthusiasm, I decided to consider Delores as done.

Delores isn’t finished yet, but I know Sonia and Guga are working on it. It’s a matter of days.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, these are the official numbers for the TWP Italian Fan Dub Progress up to december, 2nd, 7.55pm. Here we go:

lines recorded if we consider Delores done: 98,84% (in august circa 94%)
lines recorded if we don’t consider Delores done: 82,13% (in august circa 77%)
lines to be recorded if we consider Delores done: 176 out of 15196 (in august circa 1000)
lines to be recorded if we don’t consider Delores done: 2714 out of 15196 (in august circa 3700)
n. of characters fully recorded: 43 out of 48 (89,58%) -still waiting for Delores, Sandy, the three devs
n. of lines cut: 63% (in august circa 20%)
n. of lines tested, edited, approved: 53,51% (in august 0%)

We decided in april to have as a deadline the delivery of a full alpha version of the dub within the end of the year. I think our progress is slightly behind, but still isn’t bad. We can make it.


I admire the dedication of all of you to this project :relaxed:
I’m certain that the end result will be fantastic!


This was actually one of the hardest words. I think I had to re-record it like 10 times. Saying the word alone isn’t to hard I guess, but saying it in a sentence was really an issue for me :slight_smile:

I agree on that one! I already promised to @Ema to do a second take. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to do it yet because I’ve been very busy at work during the last month. So I hope to be able to do a second take over the holiday.


Thank you @AndreKraemer !! We really count on you for your Boris, we loved it! :hugs:

We’re waiting for @RonGilbert’s reply: if we can deliver an “alpha version” of the audio, so he can work on the integration and then we substitute the lines with better ones, then there’s no hurry to do the retakes.

But there is hurry to finish Delores. Now, does any of you want to babysit my daughters so we can work on it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, just bring 'em over to Belgium and then I’ll watch over 'em this afternoon. :wink:

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Just give them to “Dream @Guga” he´ll take care of them! :smiling_imp:

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I must have missed the original message. Can you link to it or ask it again?

Sure, I can do Delores’ lines.


Sure, here:

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