Thimbleweed Park Italian fan dub Project - Official Thread(TM)

Yes, and you have less than 50 sentences to say, in total, most of them have the same words in it (“Ciao Delores”, “Steng a scavà”, “A ecche nen ci pù ndrà”).

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I’m trying to convince a friend of mine with a deep voice, he’d be funnier :slight_smile:

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send me the list of sentences when you have them. he’s already saying “I don’t know the context” and finding excuses.

I’ll send you the list on the Telegram Group.

NOOOOO! :grimacing:

Well, not really in any place :stuck_out_tongue: a silent place with low reverb would be better

But it would add an extreme amount of atmosphere if you record the lines in the corresponding environment. For example Ransome should record his lines in the arena of a real circus in front of a real audience. And it would be great if the voice actors for Ray and Reyes would record their lines in real sewers!

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:crazy_face: :thinking: … Idea!

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Also we need to kill the guy who voices Franklin first so he becomes an actual ghost.


Any volunteers? I am abstaining, I am generous :laughing:

Ehm. Maybe.

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Hey, german users are welcome in this thread only if they 're acceping to dub Boris!

Come on guys, it’s just a fewlines. I’ll record them all in advance so you cam listen to them to mimic the pronunciation…

No volunteers?

I remember that @milanfahrnholz wanted this role. We should provide him his sentences pronounced in italian.


Two days ago, I was at my co-worker’s house, to record some sentences from her 10yo child (for Teddy the hotel kid).
While I was explaining the boy who is Teddy, by showing him Franklin’s flashback in Thimbleweed Park, his father remarked:

  • "So… this game is a sort of… those games of many years ago… Leisure Suit Larry "

I replied: - “Well… yes and no. It’s an adventure game, but in a different style.”

But then, he hit me with this sentence:

  • “it’s more like Monkey Island !”

Good! We started to talk about Ron Gilbert, Mark Ferrari, this game, how many hours spent, and so on… his boy was impatient to record his voice!

For the record, his father has promised me to purchase the game on PS4! :+1::+1::+1:


Also try recording Ransome lines in, for example, a kindergarten…

German users don’t need to be welcomed, they are just there. And place towels everywhere :stuck_out_tongue: :beach_umbrella:


Don’t remind me… since Gffp disappeared I’m taking the role, and I… well, let’s just say I don’t feel like recording lines when my daughters are at home.

Once I wasin thailand, and all the sunbeds in the hotel shore were taken. Except two, in the best position. They looked like this:

I did something very italian here: I immediately unrolled the towels and laid back.

It turned out the towels were put there in such a fancy way by a german lady. Apparently she felt normal that a folded towel on a sunbed meant “reserved” and not “enjoy”… :blush:


That´s odd, I always reserve my hotel beds by putting mints on the pillows and no one ever gets it! :angry:


What a weirdo.

Is that the exact setup above? You could’ve wheeled her up to that ledge and… :innocent:

Actually, the rolled towel was in the fold between the mat and the headrest… anyway she took the folded towels from the pile and put them there without unrolling them. It really seemed arranged by the staff, but I admit I knew that the rule there was to help yourself at the clean towels pile…

Anyway, something like this would have benn more explicit:

Umh… I don’t know if I understand what you mean…

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