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I always wondered why version “numbers” should be… numbers, since the field is a string (=alfanumeric) field.

Let’s versioning with things like:
Tuesday 28 of the sixth month 30 years after Maniac Mansion

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Are the version numbers displayed in the lower right of the Options screen the same regardless of the platform, or do they follow the (sometimes) platform-specific version number schemes?

Some Linux distributions are using names (Ok, beside a number), for example Debian or Ubuntu.

In the versions I got they were always the same.

What a horrible decision… upper case letters would look so much better!

The first number is the build number of the engine, so that might change for different platforms. The second number is the build number of the game assets, and that should be the same for all platforms, unless the platform has a game code change.

The build numbers are build numbers that started at 1 at the beginning of the project. I’ve done ~1300 builds of the engine and ~900 builds of the game assets. A build happens when I package it up for testing, not day-to-day dev work.

The engine has higher build numbers because I package that up when it goes off to the game programmers to use (David and Jenn).


Steam: 1394.938
Win 10: ( 1393.938
Xbox One: ( 1393.938 1.0.938
Gog Galaxy: 1.0.938

Edit: September, 17, 2017

Note: The internal version on GOG is also 1410.938 (build from 2017-08-21), which is the same as Steam now.

@eviltrout: Can convert this thread into a Wiki page/thread? I would like to add the new versions to the history.

I think that you have to specify which post you want to change into a wikipost. The “wiki” property applies to posts, not to threads.

I suggest to move all the list of versions to the first post of this thread and make it a wikipost.

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Yep. That was my idea too. So it would be great, if @eviltrout or someone else could turn the first post into a Wiki post.

Sure, I’ve converted the OP to a Wiki.


Does someone know what has changed in build 951 and why the GOG Linux version is 951 b ?

i.E. should I fire up my game to download a new update/patch?

Edit: Alright, I´m downloading, but I have no idea where I should start looking.

Given that he’s asking, I would conclude that he doesn’t.

I just wanted a clarification. But it´s alright now, since I´m checking myself.

Edit: Just found the patchnote (which was almost a week ago!) and it just says “minor bugfixes” :frowning:

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The Steam version was submitted a week ago. GOG is slow. :frowning:

Oh, wow I thought the delay was like 24 hours or so.

Anyways, I´m surprised no one has brought it up all this time. Too busy with off topic discussions?! :wink:

I only own the GOG version and I don’t have the Galaxy client. So I think I was fast (under these circumstances :wink: ).

It would be much easier, btw, if @RonGilbert could publish a note on his website/twitter/blog or a post in this thread with the three words “new version available” and a short changelog. Yes, this is a shameless hint to the godfather of adventure game making. :wink:

I hope so!

No, the time elapsed between the upload and the announcement is sometimes annoyingly long, as if he wants us playing the guessing game. He could very well do it the other way round(“update going live in a few hours”), but maybe he doesn´t want that in case something breaks or there is a delay(which I would be okay with, but I know that others would be pissed).

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