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I don’t care how this is done, but it would be really great
a) to get informed that there is a new version and
b) to have a place where I can look up if I have the current version installed.

So a short note “I’ve uploaded version 9876.543 that fixes bugs” would be enough. Then I could wait until the new version appears on GOG and modify the first post of this thread.

The problem is that GOG doesn’t tell you that there is a new version (without using Galaxy). You have to login, change to your library and open the “updated games” page. Beside that, I would like to know what has changed to the previous version. That hasn’t to be that detailed like “fixed null pointer exception in module”. But it would be great to know that there are bugs fixed or new features (that gives me a reason to replay the game again :wink: ).


Don´t the updated games have a small blue dot next to them?

I´m glad I stumbled upon the steam patchnote. Otherwise I´d have spent walking hours around the game without a clue what might have been changed.


Yes, but if you have a lot of games in your library, you won’t see all games (like TWP) on one/the first page and it’s possible to overlook these little blue dots.

Beside that, the current version would be also interesting for Steam users. For example if the connection fails or just to get sure that Steam updated the game correctly.


The Steam version from last week was actually version 1417.947.

This was a feature they had for a long time (you could see on the header menu if there were updated games)… but it was removed when they overhauled this header.
They have just recently added a notifications menu item which at least tells you message notifications, but not game updates (yet?).

I also have to regularly check the library since then, tsts. But it’s just one click, so not that bad.


So the current GOG version is newer? Because the Steam manifest page says that the last update was on 19. Ocotober?

Yep. I miss that feature too.

But you have to login first. :slight_smile: (It would be great if GOG could send you an e-mail every time a new version of a game appears in your library.)


Yes, I just checked Steam: it hasn’t changed.

Maybe they will update this new notification system to optionally send emails too… (e.g. they are now showing discounted games from your wishlist there which was just an email notification before. They need to add game update notifications and then also email notifications et voilà!).


Huh - that’s interesting. Thanks for checking!


I think that I would have noticed a new version of the game on Steam, I have their client in background almost all days and I didn’t see any new download in the last days.

Maybe it was an update necessary only for other platforms?

P. S.
I’m not sure I have correctly understood the situation. I’m drinking beer in a pub waiting for a friend. Alcool may have altered my cognitive skills.


In GOG all provided versions were updated: Windows, Mac and Linux (see the numbers in the first post of this thread). The only difference is that the Linux version has the “b” in the version number (at least in the file name, I haven’t installed it yet).


I booted up the game on steam today and it downloaded something. There is also the blue dot on the GOG Page.

Jesus jumpin´christ, you´re bloody drunk! Say it like it is!


Just minor bug fixes, plus fixed the issue where the gate code could be the hint line. I don’t know why the Linux build is 951b. I will ask GOG.


So your Steam version is now at 951?


The “b” is only used in the filename and within the GOG website/the library. The game itself says: 1416.951 (without the “b”).


Did not check for the version number, sorry.


My Steam client has not downloaded anything and my version is still 1417.947


Steam just sent me version 1420.955

I have no idea what’s new about it. It was 41.1 MB.


It fixes a rare bug where background (threaded) music loading can corrupt data. We only ever saw it on Mac builds, but it might have happened on other platforms. It was probably OS dependent since it was linked to the file system.


Maybe that explains the crashes that I experience sometimes.


They weren’t real “crashes”, you would have gotten an error message about GGDictionary or maybe a dialog not being loadable. They only seem to happen on slower machines, or machines with slow spinning HDs.


Well, the program was abruptly closed. That’s why I assumed it was a crash.