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On the Mac? Or mobile? If it was mobile, it was most likely the game running out of memory. Mobile devices has really bad memory managment, and when memory gets low, they just kill you.


Yes, it was on my MacBook. But it’s from 2010, so probably just too slow. With versions before the last one, I didn’t have any problems. It happens most of the times when I use the map.


I have my GOG Thimbleweed Park copy, received using the code contained in the collector’s edition box.
The downloaded game version, in October 2017, was .951
Now I wish to update the game to the latest version (.958) but I don’t know how to do it:

  • from site, I log in, I see TWP in my game list, but no update option

Any suggestions?

Thank you!


Just search for “Thimbleweed Park” in your list, download the current version and install it. There is no update mechanism (if you don’t use the Galaxy client).


Thanks. But it says that I must purchase the game again (€19.99)
Is that normal?


No. Are you logged in with the correct account?

Try the following: In the menu (at the top of the page) move the mouse over your name (don’t click on it!). Now a new menu opens. Click on “Games”. Enter “thimble” in the search field (you can just start to type, the field should be active). Do you see now an entry for Thimbleweed Park?


You could also try to refresh your account:
Try to logout and login again.


found it!
There’s the list of installer or new patches.
Thank you pals!