Things to do while waiting for RtMI

Are you enjoying it? Reviews seems to be lukewarm about it.

I actually love this game. I thought it was funny, and the puzzles were inventive - made me think of Deponia.

Also, the game is a great parody of MI2. I liked that.

I personally just bought Norco, and it’s awesome. I love the surealist/mystery in Lousiana vibe.


Well, now I’m curious. How does it parody?

You need to find four pieces of a map to find a secret location. I don’t remember all the details, but like in MI2, you get info about four pirates who tore the map into four pieces, and you need to find them based on what you learned.

Even one of the ending sequences, without spoiling too much, looks a lot like the fight against LeChuck in the corridor from MI2.

Of course, the mood is completely different. You get sex jokes, like in every Larry games… But still, it really feel like it was made by MI2’s fans. I really liked that.


Yes, it’s in the same erotic style of the previous LSL games, and this one is FULL of references to Monkey Island, DOTT, Maniac Mansion…
I’m enjoying it.


Where does LSL even fit in, in the modern day?

granted, I haven’t played the latest ones though, so what do I know. i looked at the screenshots on steam and it visually looks alright. but still, yanno.

i also read the game description. i think a zoomer girl would just kill Larry. so i dont know how much game they can get out of that. well its two so far.

god what a weird franchise

I think it’s funny and smart in a way, because Larry is basically a boomer confronted with millenials and zoomers. So it talks about the differences between generations. I think it succeeds to make fun of everybody while never being offensive.


Since I’m still waiting for the release and the Colosseum has been a little bit lonely I’ve expanded the skyline… (btw. this is not My Own Creation, I’m not that creative).

If Devolver is waiting even longer soon I’ll have rebuilt the whole city!



Now I understand I misunderstood that joke.
I assumed you bought the whole set, and you decided, just for fun, to make a micro colosseum prior to start the real thing.

It seems now you went for the small ones since the beginning. :slightly_smiling_face:

What do you mean with "it’s not my own creation“? Is that a Lego set you can find in stores? :thinking:

Your misunderstanding is understandable.
I tried to make it look like I have the big thing by faking early building steps (I specifically bought those grey 2x2 Technic bricks just to make this picture…).

MOCs (My Own Creation) are custom brick builds by fans.
Kids are basically building MOCs all the time. (Adults on the other hand often buy sets like this Millenium Falcon for 850 EUR to build it exactly once, put it in a display case and never touch it again.)

People (kids plus adults) building more sophisticated MOCs may upload them to sites so others can copy their build. I’m not that creative so I’ve used such site for the skyline above: LEGO MOC Rome skyline by benbuildslego | Rebrickable - Build with LEGO

There you can buy and sell instructions for MOCs and also a lot of them are free.
You can search for MOCs which are based on parts you own or alternate builds for specific sets, e.g. you’ll find a lot for 3-in-1 Creator sets like this one

There are other sites selling just instructions for MOCs too, but then there are also sites selling them as sets so you don’t have to gather all the parts yourself (e.g. or


Wow. Thank you for the useful explanation, you know, I’m not into Lego… no longer, I mean.
Anyway, I might get back into it in a while, because of my little daughter growing.
The best part of the first site you quoted is that it automatically can tell you on which site you can buy, and can calculate for you the price.

I think if something like that existed back then, I’d have been a happier (and poorer) kid.


You guys might find

of interest, then.

It’s from the developers that made Bridge Constructor, and you’re solving physics based puzzles by building (virtual) MOCs. I have not bought it yet, but I think it might be the next best thing to playing with actual Lego, which surely would get me in trouble.


Looks nice and it comes close to real Lego, but this year I have already played enough with Studio :slight_smile:
The other (more typical) Lego games are also generally recommendable, and most of them can be played co-op, but don’t have a lot to do with actual Lego.

Because of place and/or money concerns?

Do you see the seagull in that game’s main picture? It costs multiple Euros… (starting with 3.79 EUR inside EU)

More because of “you play Lego, you sleep on the couch” concerns :wink: . Especially if I were to revisit those sets still stored at my parents. Maybe I could have gotten away with some of the robotics and programmable stuff, but then those are also quite expensive.

But how is playing video games any better? :thinking:

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It probably isn’t :smiley:. But it’s tolerated because that’s something I always had as a hobby. Lego OTOH, not so much.

You should start playing those co-op Lego video games and casually start noting how often you have played real Lego…

Bit of a missed opportunity, there :thinking: