This is just crazy!

I just saw this trailer and went crazy how can pixel art game have so much graphics???
Plz answer! I am new to these kind of games.

I saw that video (or a similar one) a few months ago and I have to admit that the graphic style of this game is quite captivating, or at least super-colorful. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have read somebody presenting the game as a project related to pixel-art, which is true, but of course pixel art has been used only in some spots and other large parts of the graphics have been created with 3D software.

So, it’s a hybrid. “Purist” pixel art fans will probably not consider the game so much related to pixel art, but this kind of graphic mix in my opinion deserves to be considered an interesting approach to create an original visual result.

By the way, the game title is “The Last Night” (by Tim & Adrien Soret). Here is the official website with several screenshots.


Thanks for the info.
I did a little research and found out that it would be just a normal 2D game if they hadn’t used Unity to create a 2.5D game with lighting and graphics. Here’s the video of how they did it.
First one-

Second one-

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The soundtrack in the trailer is Lorn : Acid Rain