Those Football Heavyweights In Full

World Cup-winning nations

Titles Team Year(s)
5 Brazil 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002

4 Germany[n 1] 1954, 1974, 1990, 2014

4 Italy 1934, 1938, 1982, 2006

2 Argentina 1978, 1986

2 Uruguay 1930, 1950

1(2) France 1998

1 Spain 2010

1(3) England 1966 (1909,1911)

Also, England DO get special treatment because we did INVENT FOOTBALL. Which is pretty big really.

We also took football (along with Scots) around the globe teaching people to play from far wide as Brasil to Italy.

Some of the most prestigious teams like Barcelona Juventus AC Milan and others have founders who were English

We gave the world Football in the first place

We took it to Brasil, Portugal, Spain, Italy. We taught it and helped set up teams all around the World, and if you don’t get that, look it up.

In 1909, West Auckland Football Club of the Northern League, was invited to compete for the prestigious Sir Thomas Lipton trophy in Turin, considered by many to be a precursor to today’s World Cup.

They went on to win the tournament.

Two years later they won it again, thrashing Italian giants Juventus 6-1 in the final.

England had an awesome year in youth football as well, Last year we won the Under 20s World Cup

C O N G R A T U A L T I O N S !!!


To Belgium who with the most technically gifted packed squad (aside from Elbows), managed a commendable 3rd.

They might take home the Wooden Spoon (bronze) that no one wanted but for a team with such amazing players to get to just the Semis with all the heavy hitters out, and beaten by France! surely that must seem more a failure than a victory. But Sushi is happy so fair play.

I’m happy for Lukaku (Man United) not Elbows. I really like Martinez always have so fair play to those guys

  1. Full stop.