FIFA World Cup Russia 2018

Come on, don’t tell me I’m the only football fan here. If not, here’s the topic to discuss the upcoming event.

How many TWP member nations will be in the World Cup? Will you be rooting for your own nation, or you’re a betrayer of the flag like me and you’ll be supporting a foreign country (no, it makes no difference that Italy didn’t qualify)?

And now a useless trivia quiz: do you know which team has the most players currently playing in the Swiss football league? That’s right, Australia!

As a representative of the current World Champions Country, I will keep silent until further developments. It´s still over a week afterall.

I know, but my hype is growing. Probably because this year I can root for Switzerland without having anyone tell me “you should root for Italy instead” :stuck_out_tongue:

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Instead of off-topic I’d vote for an off-side category to put these kind of threads into :stuck_out_tongue:

But if there is another forum member between the poster posting the post and the topic line it cannot be ruled as off topic.

I have no idea what I just said…

It’s way easier than that.

If the poster comes from Turin, Barcelona or Madrid, it’s never off-side.

OK, then… let’s start with an amarcord of the FIFA World Cup most beautiful moments… :smirk:

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I’ll definitely be watching even though both teams I root for didn’t qualify this year. :frowning:

I guess I’ll have to default to supporting the countries of my ancestors :de: :uk:

But anything could happen, the host country being Russia and all.

I’m English… I’m hoping we get knocked out nice and early so that I can enjoy the rest of the tournament without having to scream at the TV.


I’m italian… I don’t have these problems, this year! :neutral_face:


Don’t worry: I’m the only one in this forum who is not a football fan. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t cheer to the 21 multimillionaires from my country and/or the members of a corrupt association.

And what’s your favorite country now? :wink:

:jp: In Captain Tsubasa it won the World Cup! :joy:


My teams: Argentina (Germany take it easy on us ok?). Then England (wife’s country) and then Australia.

Kind bummed that US didn’t make it. Interest in the World Cup is going to be -10 around here.

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I wouldn´t be so sure about @PiecesOfKate who has been very quiet about the subject so far. I actually have a theory that football is the reason she can spend so much time on here…

And they´re gonna scream objection more often than in a Phoenix Wright game!


You guys have won it four times already though, that’s more than enough for anyone

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Yeah, pretty much. I get slightly interested when it’s the world cup but not enough to chat loads about it :wink:

Not really :slight_smile:


Around this time, I usually try to avoid anything that looks remotely green, and just hope it’s over soon. (Pretty much the same with other big sports events … or sports in general :smile:.)

My wife is actually a bigger sports enthusiast than I, so occasionally when our nations are pitched against each other, I feel inclined to watch with her, but I’m happy if either side wins. On second thought, more happy if it’s my wife’s team :heart_eyes:.


For me it’s a huge difference if I have to watch sport or if I (have to) do it. :slight_smile: Watching sport is boring in most cases while doing it is fun - or could be depending on the sport. :slight_smile:

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Sport on TV is definitely not my thing. We’ve been to a few select sport events, and I did enjoy the general atmosphere (likely more so than what went on on the field). I’ve also never been anyone to cherish physical exercise. Riding my bike to work while the weather is good is all the sport I care for :smile:. (It’s only 5km one way, so not enough to break into a sweat).

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:uk: 2 - :costa_rica: 0

It’s only a friendly game but I’m ready for this cup to start already!

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