Towns Similar to Thimbleweed Park

Hi there!

Since I first played this game back in 2017 I’ve been enamoured (as I’m sure many of you have as well) with the town and setting of Thimbleweed Park. A few years ago I obsessed over finding small towns that have that charm or vibe during dusk like TW and it’s recently been rekindled since my roadtrip from Oklahoma to New Mexico and Colorado.

The main goal of the first day was to stay the night in Taos, New Mexico and explore the next morning. On our way from Tulsa, one of our gas stops was in Cimarron (which was stunning already) but it was just sundown when we crested the mountain overlooking Eagle Nest and driving through that valley and town… That gave me what my wife and I call the “Thimbleweed Vibes”. I looked to her and said that and asked her to throw on the soundtrack, she didn’t believe me but as soon as the music started she felt it. We mistakenly pre-booked a place in Taos so we couldn’t stop or check out Eagle Nest, NM but it’s on the list!

I’m really curious to know if anyone has experienced something similar with small towns that have forest, mountains and the same vibe around sundown. And if so, what are those places?

P.S. Out here in Oklahoma we have what I call “Thimbleweed Sunsets” time to time aside from the usual beautiful sunsets.

TL;DR - What are towns that feel like Thimbleweed during dusk? My vote is Eagle Nest, NM


Hello @Kageteishu , welcome to the forum.

No real place has given me the “Thimbleweed Park vibes” that you are mentioning, but you have made me curious about Eagle Nest, NM.

Did you take any photo of it during dusk, by any chance? :slight_smile:


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This reminds me of the time I went to Crete for a conference in April, between Hersonissos and Malia. Everything looked abandoned. They told us they basically come back to life from June to September, and for the rest of the year they’re a bunch of ghost villages.

I had that in Santorini. Very empty in January, but we could take nice walks everywhere without being bothered by pretty much anyone. The little museum was also closed though.

I wish I did! We had a time limit to get to Taos before the place we stayed at closed up so I was not able to. And I don’t think the pictures would’ve done it justice.

It was the first week of this month around 7:00-7:30 pm and we came in from Cimarron on highway 64 going from east to west.

The town is situated in a valley and there’s plenty of trees all around. The town had those small street lights on the side of the road which were on and definitely added to the vibe. The sky was the exact same color as in Thimbleweed Park and because light pollution was relatively low we could see stars at that point of the evening. No hotel (not anymore) or abounded carnival, but everything else felt just like it, or atleast had “the vibes” (which is also a great movie).

I could only find one picture of the area at a similar time, but if you Google streeview through the town from the same direction and imagine the sky the lights (maybe the music helped) you can get a small feeling of what I experienced.