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Tron Machines' voice

To @RonGilbert: what did you use to record the Tron Machines’ dialogue voices, a real actor or a synth?
I’d say a synth, but who knows :laughing:

I’m also interested in the HintTron phone line :smiley:

Pretty sure they´re real and not synthesised.

I used the Mac’s “say” command to emit synth. The Tron Machine was supposed to be done by an actor, but the script never got emitted (error on my part) and it would have been to expensive to bring the ctor in for this one small section (you pay for 4 hours, even if the actor only works for 20 minutes… union rules). Hint line was done the same way,


Wow, we´ve really come a long way, haven´t we?

Speech Basic on the C64 had been more suitable. :wink:


What was used for the famous Ghostbusters song?

Digitizer hardware like D.A.I.S.Y. (You will find a list at the German C64 Wiki.)

So it always starts with the human voice, then? Or is there hardware that produces sounds that sound like speech (like the computer that “sang” Daisy Daisy.).

In most cases, yes. Especially songs were recorded with audio hardware (like in the title screen of “Skate or Die”).

Yes, beside software solutions like Speech Basic there was at least one cartridge that converted texts to speech (I can’t remember the name at the moment).

It bugs me that the Tron Machines pronounce it “Willie T. Weeno” and the Hint Line doesn’t pause before saying “…much.”

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