Who wrote what lines?

I’m interested in how much of the game was written by which writer, I understand Ron wrote all of the ending dialogue, but how much of the of the game was written by @boosegoose @RonGilbert, @jenn or @David ? Does anyone remember on the team any specific lines or sections that were written by a particular person?


@boosegoose was specificially focused on Ransome and his insults, @jenn did most stuff that has to do with the hotel like the 80s talk of the annoying kid etc, (minus Thimblecon, I believe). Other than that I´m not sure.


Sources? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I thought Ron did some Ransome?

Twitter, the development blog etc. You can ask them yourself!

Check also these reports, they occasionally contain some infos about who did what:


@boosegoose wrote most of the dialog trees, which were then edited and implemented by @RonGilbert. @jenn did do the hotel and Thimblecon, and most of the sewers. @RonGilbert did most of the end-game sequences, and many of the early dialogs, including the opening sequences, the Pigeons on the highway, initial Sheriff cutscene and dialogs, Tron machine dialogs, initial Ransome cutscene, Ransome standup act (maybe with @boosegoose help?), Ransome climbing the tower comments, the Chuck and Franklin cutscene, and more. Ron is the one who set the tone for all the characters through their dialog. Then the rest of us tried to match. Since Ron worked closely with @boosegoose, I don’t know where one’s writing stopped and the others began.

I wired up most of the rest of the game, and lots of the interactive text and some of the dialogs. Like the bit with Delores and her Sierra dig (actually, most of the Delores flashback except for the Chuck-Franklin dialog), most of the Ransome flashback (except for the opening and the performance), the bunker cutscene, Cassie dialog, Willie muttering dialog (when he’s standing around begging)… and more.

And we all edited each other’s text, making sure the other knew what changes were made and getting permission if necessary. (Permission not necessary for typos!)


Thanks ever so much, @David , really appreciate your excellent memory!! That’s exactly the kind of detail I was hoping for, quite a few surprises there, I’m always trying to imagine who wrote the lines (I’m a big fan of the podcasts and have listened to all of them a few times!) and try to get an idea about how the writing came together for everything. Would be interested to know the details behind the @RonGilbern and @boosegoose side of things too, if they can remember as well as you have! Thanks again!


And I’m sure I made some errors… especially in the area of things I didn’t work on at all.


Unfortunately @boosegoose never took an active role in the forum after dropping by a few times last fall. However she´s really good to talk to on twitter and most likely happy to answer questions there.

Has she said somewhere why she isn’t active here anymore?

No, and I don´t really feel like asking her.

However I got this out of her. :slight_smile:

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@David memory is pretty good. I wrote a significant number of dialogue trees, particularly for the agents, ransome, and delores. Ron really kindly let me give a lot of characters a voice if he didnt have one in mind for them already. Most of Ray and Reyes initial interviews around the town are me, minus Sandy and Dave and anything with the Sheriff/Coroner.

You can very much find me in the town. I wrote the notices on Nickel. Morena, Chet, Leonard, Willie, Ricki Lee, George and Lenore were my main npcs. I also wrote the dialogue Ray and Reyes have when one of them gets trapped in the sewer. Basically I didn’t write anything in the hotel, radio station, pillow factory or bunker.

I actually wrote all of Ransome’s stand up and joke routines. If Ransome asks someone if they want to hear a joke, the following dialogue was me. Ron has referenced me writing Ransome’s jokes on twitter somewhere. I also wrote Ransome’s interview with Natalie.

@RonGilbert and I worked closely on the dialogue and I think thats why he was kind enough to put my name next to his as a co writer in the credits. He would tell me what he generally wanted for some characters, or give me a basic dialogue tree to fill in and edit. Other times I had a lot of freedom to make the characters my own. I added a lot of flavour to the world which was pretty much my directive from Ron. I think he focused more on the stuff that really moved the plot forward or related to the secrets behind Chuck Edmund.

I hope that helps with your understanding of who wrote what. Im happy to answer any follow up questions you guys may have.


Thank you ever so much! @boosegoose and @david , you’ve have really helped me fill out some of the ideas I had about who did the writing, it’s so interesting to figure out which member of the team provided which part, I really appreciate the effort and time you both took to write your posts… now to go and play with my newfound knowledge! :smiley:


Nice to see you around here again! Obviously the past year has been very busy for you but your input is always very welcome.


That’s right! Sorry for assigning this credit to Ron and not you.


No problem, Ron did start a lot of the trees including the stand up one, but then I added the dialogue.


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