Truberbrook - Adventure game

The lenghts american and british music journalists have to go through when writing about Motörhead or Mötley Crüe!

Which makes no sense in German, btw. (But maybe in Danish?)

Hi! Thänks for the hint, we didn’t notice it yet. We’re trying to find a solution!


Oh that’s good :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t believe so.

Reminds me when Zürich (the insurance company) rebranded to Zurich. Ever since I’m wondering when Zürich (the city) follows suit.

The german-born actress Diane Krüger is also an example.

The single most wrong written city in english has to be Nürnberg. I´ve seen so many spellings: Nurnberg, Nurnburg, Nurembürg, Nurumburg, Nurenburg, Nuremberg etc etc…

Yeah she officially anglicized her name in the pronounciation and the writing.

I once met a high school friend of mine at the town hall, trying to get her ID card renovated. She was trying to explain that her surname on the Italian ID needed a ü or at least a damn “ue” because it was inconsistent with her German passport.
“But it has a u on the card, and a u on the system, what’s the problem?”
“That shouldn’t be a U”
“But it’s always been a U according to our system”
“You’ve been 25 years wrong, I want my umlaut!”
“Our system doesn’t accept such letters!”
“Then add an E!”
“Do you want to change your surname?”
“No, that’s not changing the surname”
“But your German passport hasn’t got any Es on it”
“Because it has a umlaut!”
“But we can’t add that, and that’s a U”
“No, it’s not! They’re two different letters!”
“Oh, you want to change your surname you need another procedure”
I’m not changing the surname, I’m correcting your spelling!
“But it has always been written like that” and so on for a couple of times. It was fun as hell… for me. She was quite frustrated. I never got to know if she won.


Mhhhh… :neutral_face:

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That’d make me so angry… I hope she got her way eventually.

Do you like spoonerisms CasesOfPete? (and are you gonna tell me that´s not a real spoonerism?)

Yes. And yes I am, Milan. Though I enjoyed it all the same.

Any kind of mixed up words amuses me. One of my favourite quotes is:

‘I’d rather have a full bottle in front of me than a full frontal lobotomy.’ :sweat_smile:


I was aware of that but I couldn´t help it, because it was the only way it would have made sense.

And I enjoy these kind of things, too. :slight_smile:

When I was little I used to play word games like that with my dad, who also loved language. It started with mixing up names of my relatives (‘oh here come Auntie Bill and Uncle Christine’) and ended up with us both becoming experts in saying words backwards. It’s one of my nicest memories.


The first few minutes from the game (comment German, in-game voices and subtitles English - video made during the Gamescom in Cologne):

The developers have announced that you can play the X-Box demo version this week at the Microsoft booth at GameCity 2018 in Vienna.


No double click to run?
They should call it Saunterstroll instead.

I’m lucky when they get my lowercase “de” written correctly. :wink:

Ooh… blue blood?

Not that I know of, although seeing how the same name does occur in the Wapenboek van de Belgische adel I guess there could always be a far connection centuries back. :man_shrugging:

There’s a mildly creepy thing btw, the relevant volume just fell open on that very page when I randomly opened it somewhere near the middle.

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