Under development adventure games that are worth a mention

Yes, I did. (And @Nor_Treblig backed the game too - see the posts about Trüberbrook above).

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Awesome! :slight_smile:

So it´s by the guys who did the two Neo Magazine Royale Games?

Those were short and sweet (certainly good for beginners, even though many of the in jokes might be lost on most) does this mean there won´t be a third one this year?

Got ya :wink:

Yup, me too! Hope more will as I would love to reach some of those strech goals. The whole prologue sounds great but it would also be great to reach the making-of video.

It’s not an adventure game and probably I wouldn’t be able to play that kind of game (I suck at platforming) but both the pixel graphics and the music are gorgeous! Thanks for posting.

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Steam says it is :slight_smile: (It’s a Metroidvania, I guess the adventure tag applies to most of those.)

How is it going with Cuphead and your new controller?

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No time for that thing, yet, but I’ll seriously do it during the Christmas holidays, when I usually have more time.

Good luck, people who are good at platforming say it´s hard as beep.


I’m sure there are or will be cheats/trainer for people who just want to enjoy the graphics.
Normally I’m not a fan of cheats but if otherwise I wouldn’t play a game at all, why not.


For all of those who speak German: The adventure games are here and here.

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I joined the Trüberbrook train! I hope they get to do the prologue. The more story the better.

The Last Night:-
I think by far this is the best game! (Its 2.5D)

The 2014 CyberPunk Jam Version:-
Steam Link:-

This is a bold claim. But the visuals look nice!

Unforeseen Incidents, the game mentioned in this previous post has a release date: February 1st, 2018.

Source and screenshots on Twitter:


I would like to mention about this:-


Wow. Synthwave music + pixel art (reminding me of Valenberg style) + 80’s references and cyberpunk elements (the playable character learns new abilities like Neo does in “The Matrix” but using… floppy disks!).

It’s not an adventure game but it could be one of the few action games that I would play just because the art style is gorgeous (at least for me)!

Other videos and information about the game on the official website

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Sure! I am dying for it! But still a year to go for the launch!:persevere:

From my experience I can tell you: Don’t hold your breath. :slight_smile:

Btw. I thought about supporting their Kickstarter because of it looks (and pitch) but didn’t end up doing so. I will definitely take a look at it on release!

New upcoming narrative + puzzle game with graphics made by Octavi Navarro: “Photographs

Article about it:

Official trailer:




Lamplight City has now a trailer: