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Under development adventure games that are worth a mention


This one I am most excited about


Technobabylon: Birthright

Wadjet Eye Games in 3D? Interesting.


I don’t really care for the genre, but Ren’Py (which powered Doki Doki Literature Club) is now also playable in your browser:


I’m not against 3D as such, but I absolutely despise this “everything looks polished and brand new” look on display here. A cyberpunk setting has to be run-down and fucked up. (But maybe I’ve interpreted more into the Technobabylon pixel soup than the creators had actually intended)


Cool! Does that mean we can now wrap it as an Electron app and actually run it on our desktop? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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For some reason a lot of stuff tends to be very shiny and bloomy nowadays.
I’m not a fan of it, but then on the other hand you often become accustomed to it during play anyway.

More environment to look at:

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I’m not really sure where — with some obvious exceptions — you’d get the idea that Newton was anything other than neat, modern and clean. :slight_smile:

Um, if you’re going for that typical ca. '07 effect. :smiley:

So apparently my being subscribed to the Technocrat blog is no longer useful. :frowning: You know, this one:

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Well, it’s true that there is both: the rich guy’s apartment, the posh restaurant, the lab or Central were spotless (save for the body parts). The police department was already less so, and it goes downhill from there.

To be fair, (some) of those 3D scenes are labelled work in progress, so no telling how the final rendition will actually appear in the game. A bit of post processing may go a long way.

Even then, I feel a lot of 3D games suffer from “postcard syndrome”. I usually counter that by setting the resolution to 1366x768, and letting my brain supply all those little details and imperfections present in the actual world :slight_smile:.


Well, he is busy making a game and posting a couple of screenshots on Twitter is quicker. I hope he will come back to his blog at a later point in time.

Woah, UHD!




Oh, I can see they are partnering with Cyan, nice.
I didn’t back this project back then, I actually don’t remember seeing it at all.

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LUNA - The Shadow Dust: A Point and Click Puzzle Adventure

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Born Punk is fully funded:

Just released adventure games

Hm, they got 46 new backers on the last day but lost $2059? :thinking:


I haven’t played it (yet) and I don’t know if they stopped developing it, but I post it anyway: :wink:

edit: They are also on Steam:


Looks promising. Needs bigger pixels.

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Although I am not a fan of rednosed characters, I do like the art style. Even despite the tiny pixel size.


Ahem, what´s your problem with rednosed people? :smirk:

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The first time I see a 3d adventure game and I say “wow, I want to be in that world”. The end result looks very… artistic. (it is 3d, right?)

…No, it’s not. Ok, I take it back :slight_smile: Very interesting anyway.