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Ununsual Findings

This one looks really interesting, but it looks like it needs some help to get there:


“You spin my head right round, right round,
When you go down, when you go down down…”
The atmosphere of the '80s looks great in this game, I will contribute!
Only 11 days left!


That one really looks great and it seems it´s nearly ready for release. I like it.
I backed it too.

For some reason the Goonies Movie came to my mind while checking the kickstarter :thinking:


Yes, me too, Goonies and Stranger Things, together!

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It looks interesting, but… I don’t think I’ll back it.

I’m a bit fed up with all this 80’s nostalgia. I’m sure this can be a very nice project, but the selling point looks to me to be just “hey look it has the 80’s inside” and this is not what I want, not anymore.

Yeah, time to finally let the 80s die and move on to the 90s :wink:.

More seriously, it’s not really what I’m looking for either. I can’t really point to any one factor that puts me off, but overall I feel it’s lacking in novelty. If it were artistically outstanding, or had a compelling story, or maybe was reminiscent of some beloved franchise then this could have been a selling point for me.

But best of luck to them anyway. Looks like it’s going to be a close one …

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Who knows, “Unusual Findings 2: '90s revenge” !


Goal reached! Funded!


I keep reading this as “Fateful Findings” which on one side confuses the hell outta me in a “they make a game out of THAT?” way and on the other hand makes me more curious about what that would be like than what it actually is. :laughing:

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Every time I see Neil Breen’s stupid face, I have the theme of “The Pinky and the Brain” in my ear, but with the lyrics changed to “The Pinky and the Breeeeen”.

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You may be onto something there. Just like Brain he obviously has long term plans for world domination (mass genocide on “bad people” in at least one of them?)

#EyesOnBreen :eyes:

Play the demo!


Well, I give it that. At least it´s trying to be original unlike some certain other games you can see here on the forum (not naming names).

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Got it :laughing: Breitschwerter in italian

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