Unintended situations and unexpected solutions in adventure games

Sometimes the developers of an adventure game don’t take into account the fact that players might do some very unexpected things: completely unforeseen actions that don’t fit in the puzzle dependency chart and that can lead to unintended situations, including an unwinnable game.

I’m not talking about technical glitches but about “logical bugs”: players achieving something without following the path expected by the developers.

Question to you: do you know any adventure game in which the player can follow a path that the developers didn’t plan?

Here is one: in “Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge” (at least in the original PC version) you have to win a spitting contest to get 6000 pieces of eight to charter a ship but in the game there is also a friendly pirate who will give you one piece of eight every time you polish his peg leg. And if you polish it thousands of times… here is the video:

What’s interesting is that this course of action doesn’t require the player to get a few items that are needed later in the game to escape a bad situation, making the game unwinnable.


Wow, I actually didn´t know that! Then again I also haven´t tried to see if the space bus in Zak actually reaches earth when I wait for 2 months…

You can speed up the C64 version: Run the game in the VICE emulator and activate the “warp speed”. Then you don’t have to wait for two month …

(btw: This technique produces funny results in other games too, for example in “The Little Computer People” :slight_smile: )

Oh yes, Little Computer People is also the most obvious game to do that on, at least at the beginning when you can´t really do anything, yet.

I think the steep price of Kate Capsize’s trip was precisely to avoid that. Holy crap, that’s absolutely bonkers.

Yup. But the little guy won’t die. At least after one real day in warp mode …

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Not unintended by developers but unexpected for players that it actually works:

In Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 3 - Lair of the Leviathan is an Easter egg which works similar to your example:
Your are inside a manatee and have to get out. Of course there is a proper puzzle, but another way is to pick up grubs and give them to DeCava.

After only 100,000 grubs you are finally free (yes, they implemented this “alternative” solution)!

I’ve tried it myself back then using some generic cheat software. AFAIR you cannot continue because of missing vital inventory items.

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I thought they said three months? Gah!

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We can ask @David : if the spacebus left Mars, and the player leaves the game on for three months, did Melissa and Leslie reach the Earth?

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No. You can try it with the Warp mode in VICE… :wink:


They reach the earth even if you turn off your computer!


If you were at a witness stand, and I were Agent Ray as a defence attorney, I would rise a

@Someone we must try! The evidence is everything in court! :wink:


Brilliant :rofl:
Now I really want to play that game - Angela Ray: Ace Attorney!


Then start up VICE, load a save game and let them fly. :wink:

Look what @tasse-tee has found as solution to a Zak puzzle!! And that is before figuring out the official solution (not sure she even already has to date)

@David, Were you aware of this Quick Time Event approach?

Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders playthrough and hints


Interesting solution. No, I don’t think that’s intentional. Does Zak end up with the flag after the Caponian zaps him away?


Yes, he still has the flag :smiley:


So you also know the actual solution, then? Distracting the guard by burning the hay?

I haven’t looked for it yet.


You have an interesting approach to solve an adventure game. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: