Gardaland (Italy)

In the topic Secret messages by the developers in some backer boxes!, @milanfahrnholz and me were talking about a certain ride (Ramses and the Egypt) in Gardaland, the #1 amusement park in Italy.
For the record, on summer 2018, another iconic ride will be transformed: the ride of the Pirates!
It’s there since 1992… you are on a boat, and go under the sea, in a wonderful and spectacular world.
Did you ever see it?

Unfortunately, I’ve never been there, even though I’ve been in Veneto many years ago. It looks interesting!
Reminds me of Pirates in Batavia at Europa-Park in Germany.

I´ve been twice to Gardaland once in 1990 and then again in 1996, so I only could have seen it on my second visit, but I don´t think I did. I really wanted to check out that jungle boat ride, though.

If you don’t recognize that Lockness-like monster, then I don’t think you have been down there!

Tunga. Unfortunately, it has been dismantled a few years ago… in its place, they put a new roller coaster (Raptor).

I might have seen that in either a brochure or a VHS we took with us in 1996.

We also went to a safari park with zoo and dinosaur sculpture attraction(?) All on the east side of the lake I believe…

The wonderful Parco Zoo Safari “Natura viva” (wild life) in Bussolengo, a few KMs far from Gardaland, for sure!

It could be fun to organize a (TWP) meeting for this summer, in Gardaland.
Starting from this year, the ticket prices have been lowered.

That would be insane seeing all those sights again after 22 years.

Hmmm, I don’t remember it. Was it there in 1995? In that year I visited the park, but the only two rides I remember are the Colorado boat, and another one that was like a huge oscillating hammer fixed in one end, and we sat in the head of the hammer…

Hah, both of those sound familliar. And it seems like we missed each other by about a year.

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Next to the Colorado Boat, in 1995, there was “the cloud” (la nuvola). You sat on that giant cloud, then it moved clockwise for three times and counterclockwise for three times. When you reached the top, you could see the Garda lake.

It has been dismantled in the early 2000.
Tunga was closed for a few years, and opened around the year 2000 so there is a chance that in 1995 it was closed.
Colorado Boat is still there and fully functional!
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Hmmm, no it wasn’t that one, even if the Nuvola is more similar to the (bad) description I made :slight_smile:
It was the Top Spin!

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It has been dismantled in 2015. How many things fell off from there! :laughing::laughing:

Well that same thing can be found in many places around europe, the Oktoberfest among others.

A similar-looking ride, actually a Pirate Ship Ride, was present a long time ago in the carnival zone of Cagliari’s annual Fair.

A friend of mine was sitting on the first row. At the peak of the strongest swing, we (from the ground) saw something being ejected from the front of the ship, flying high in a nice parabola that ended right in the narrow gap between two booths. It was his mobile phone.

We helped him gather all the pieces that were scattered under the booths and after we reassembled it… it still worked. Amazing. No, it was not a Nokia, but a Sony Ericsson.


If it was a Nokia…


At first I read this as “Caligari´s” annual Fair and thought “what a great name for an attraction!”

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Ahah, no no, Cagliari it’s… here:

A highly suggested destination for summer vacations :slight_smile: