Very Ultra Rare Commodore 65 - on sale on eBay!


Well, the CC65 isn’t that rare. And if you can’t afford it, have a look at this project:

I see, there is a project to recreate that model.
Anyway, the item on sale on ebay is one of the few original prototypes issued back then, as declared by the seller, it’s #3.

In the past sales they made round about 9.000 Euros.

It has ended at $18,350… wow.

It looks like an hybrid between C64 and A500, or an A500 prototype…
Very very good design choice they made when shifting the floppy drive on one side for the A500!!!



It is. :slight_smile: See:

If you like this design: The German company “Schneider” developed a MS-DOS PC with a similar design. And yes, these PCs were actually sold in Germany. :slight_smile:

Ahah, I meant the opposite: I praised the choice of moving the floppy drive from the frontal position of the C65 to the right side position of the A500 :slight_smile:
Anyway the frontal floppy drive design of the Schneider looks way better than C65 counterpart! :wink:

Never seen one of these before.

I don´t get this machine, I mean it doesn´t even rhyme…

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