Video game music

The other shady thing about YouTube/Google Play is that they have a bot that creates YT videos of virtually every song ever released without getting permission from the artist.

I’ve heard of musicians complaining that their content is getting streamed for free and have a hard time fighting it because its done by Google itself, not just some user who uploaded copyrighted material.

The bot even found my old band and created YT playlists/videos for each song! I don’t mind because I’m not expecting any money from it, but for bands trying to make a living off their music this is really, really evil. :skull_and_crossbones:


Is it videos that look like this?

I´ve been wondering about those, they obviously look like bot-made and they pop up like crazy lately.


Exactly. A lot of them even have 0 views too.
@discobot fortune, Is this you trying to take over the world?

:crystal_ball: Signs point to yes


Well, I could think of worse apocalyptic scenarios tbh.

I just checked for the name of a late friend of mine´s band but it seems they still have everything on their own channel.

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I know there are bots galore posting all kinds of weird junk, but I didn’t realize YouTube ran their own as well.


Seen lots of those by this dude. Great selection of classic themes!


The Korobejniki song is the (Nintendo?) Tetris theme song? :rofl:


You must be the only person outside of Russia that knew the song without knowing that it was also the Tetris theme.


I might indirectly know of it because of Tetris but it’s a famous Russian folk song?

Yes it is, but your question made it look like you didn’t know it was “the Tetris theme”. Which is how like 99% of the people in this planet know that song :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t know it was the Tetris theme, or at least not consciously. I just mean it might’ve become more well-known than it was before ca. 1990 because of Tetris.

That´s a bit like knowing the Horst Wessel Lied but not from Wolfenstein 3D…okay bad example!

I think knowing the Wolfenstein 3D rendition at all puts me in a bit of a niche. But no, that’s not where I know it from. :slight_smile:

Like knowing NIN but not Quake? (Never played it, only multiplayer 2 & 3.)

But that´s different. That russian tune is really not that popular…or is it? Comrade?

It might’ve been on TV or at the music school, where they would’ve said this much more famous song is evoking a similar feeling or was inspired by it:

Also pinging @Sushi in case it’s not popular in Belgium, because this is top quality entertainment.

I heard that song on the radio a few weeks ago, actually.
So not super popular (anymore), but certainly known and acknowledged over here.

What a coincidence: those set pieces in the video look like Tetris’ tetrominoes!

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I knew it too, there’s the game “piano tiles” that features classical songs, and one of them is Korobeiniki.

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Claudio Monteverdi
from the Seventh Book of Madrigals
“Tirsi e Clori”
Venice, 1619.

Used in the game Four Last Things.
Here a clip with a hook to the fifth and most famous stanza.

Text and english translation

Tirsi e Clori
Già, Clori gentile,
noi siam ne la schiera:
con dolce maniera
seguiamo il lor stile.
Balliamo, ed intanto
spieghiamo col canto,
con dolci bei modi,
del ballo le lodi.

Thyrsis & Cloris:
Yet, gentle Cloris,
we are amidst the throng
with sweet demeanour
we follow their ways.
Let us dance and meanwhile
expound with our singing
in sweet, fair tones,
the praises of the dance.