Watch out for this sketchy Kickstarter campaign

We all love P&C games and nostalgia. That’s why I need to warn you.

There’s an ongoing campaign to make a book, some sort of encyclopedia of Lucas games between 1986 and 2000.

Why is it sketchy? Well, the author has been found to plagiarize content before. One week before the campaign he published on Facebook a video preview, and ALL text was taken from some website. The most ridiculous one was the DOTT page, which copied personal memories of the author at


After being called out, he rewrote everything, but still he made some other mistakes. After revealing the campaign, this is the “boxed version” he offered:

which is a poorly photoshopped version of the Limited Run Games’ edition of Loom.

Laserschwert noticed that the marble pattern was the one he designed for that box and called him out, after which the campaign author promptly changed the box to the current one - which is once again a poor photoshop, as you can still see the underlying Loom pattern in the spine edge

There are many other proofs of plagiarism and overall disregard of quality and respect for other people’s work.

If you backed this project or know someone who did, please cancel or make them cancel the pledge. We need to protect the community from shady people like this one.


This is so sad.

About a year ago, I reported a book project on Kickstarter because it was incredibly suspicious. The images misrepresented the final product, the names of the creators were not provided, the only photo of a person turned out to be of a musician who probably had nothing to do with the project, all requests for credentials were ignored, the only update from the creator was a post with affiliated links to other stuff.

I received an email from Kickstarter, saying “We’ve investigated and determined that it doesn’t violate our rules or community guidelines.”

People have resorted to open disputes with their credit card companies:

Thanks for the heads up!


Thanks for the heads up.

If i may be petty, the mockup of the book is also extremely fugly, a real “graphic design is my passion” piece. Normally I’d give this stuff a pass because its a WIP, and the kickstarter funds may be in part to hire a designer. But the plagurism just makes it look like incompetence.

Fake edit: This is the mockup now. Good lord is it ugly, its uglier than twenty year old sprite comics. Just some pixels standing in the void, a stark context which robs the original art of all personality… guybrush isnt cut out properly (white pixels around the ponytail and under the arms) and why is indy sideways…

the loom pattern in the spine edge is still there. ship of theseus of poor graphic design

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How does anyone want to back this? It looks worse than the collages I made about Lucasfilm games in middle school. :scream:


Those are some horrible KS projects. The “Lucas adventures” one is planning to crawl back like LeChuck’s rotting corpse after not funding.

Yeah, he already created the launch page for the new campaign.

This time he’ll try to do stuff “the clean way”, meaning he’ll hide all traces of plagiarism. I guess the only thing that’s left to do is to warn people about his past, his 8 (yes, eight) past campaigns - especially the one about Rocky, where he wasn’t even working on the game, he just stole videos and images from a hobbyist.