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PLEASE, TAKE MY MONEY - or "Kickstarter projects you'd back at once if only they existed"

Let me start this:

:thought_balloon:A “Riders of the Lost Ark” P’n’C game as if it was made in 1989


:moneybag: I’d be happy with an ‘a’ for a start. Though yours might also be a great game …

More seriously:

:thought_balloon: Another adventure game in the Dark Eye universe, in the style of Chains of Satinav / Memoria.

Any new adventure game made by Terrible Toybox.


The Hobbit & lord of the rings point ‘n’ click adventures


Sounds more like a Carmageddon-style racing game than PnC. :smiley:

Practically all LotR game I’ve tried other than perhaps Battle for Middle Earth were disappointing. The LEGO one seemed okay too.

Back on topic… Skate Bird. I’d back that. I need my Tony Hawk fix. Oh wait…

I want a game where you play as a can and a stick on a pilgrimage. :slight_smile:

A truthful remake of the original Dune game by Cryo. Basically the same game, but graphic & sound remade with modern technology.


What about:

That’s a remake of Dune II from Westwood!

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I would have assumed an adventure in the vein of Sam & Max, humorous in a silly way and set in the Wild West.

Now, with an actual pixel art Raiders adventure, I have a hard time imagining what sort of puzzles and locations it might include. If I think about the movie, I mostly remember a succession of action scenes. But I’d gladly give money to get it made :slight_smile:.

Never knew that existed, or maybe I forgot. But it’s a remake of Dune, the RTS game, and not of Dune, the Adventure game (which I never played, but I do like the David Lynch movie).

Oh, yeah! I overlooked the word “Cryo”. :slight_smile:

I’d be happy with a GOG release. That game was pretty neat. :slight_smile:


It’s also an RTS, but it sneaks you into it by pretending to be an adventure game at first.

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Oh yeah, the only Dune game I ever played!

Proud owner of Dune 2000 here (albeit on a somewhat ugly CD-ROM). I may not actually have finished the campaign but it made me buy Emperor later. Which was pretty great, also online. I’m sure so was Dune 2k, but I was too young for online play then. :slight_smile:

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Saw this the other day (sorry, forgot who posted it, someone on Twitter?) and would pay good money if such a game was made! hehe :slight_smile:


:thought_balloon: Cliff Hanger:

I played that as a kid thousands of times. I really would love to see a “remake” as a comic game like the cartoon “Roadrunner”.


Nice, but just looking at it gives me anxiety :grin:

I’d rather have Gustavo Viselner handling the art for such game.

Just search for “pixel gustavo star wars”
His landscapes work especially well on Instagram as 2-piece stories.

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