We will Rock You

Tell her it’s for your daughters. :wink:

I’ve seen the trailer in the cinema, and it looks like it could be pretty good. I’m not a terribly big fan of Queen, but their Greatest Hits vol. II was one of the first CDs my father bought for that fancy new CD player, so I naturally listened to it quite a bit.

If nothing unexpected comes along before year’s end, this might be the 3rd movie I’ll see in theather this year.

Same here, except I bought it myself at Stero 2000 in the Schwarze Bärenstraße in the Fußgängerzone. :slight_smile:

In the 80s all good companies, brands and devices had a “2000” in their names. :wink: I wonder what happened to that number…

The 2000nds came along and it didn´t sound as futuristic anymore?

Super 2000 is also the name of a defunct supermarket chain (I think they belong to Real now).

We used to play Queen at school in the 80s. Especially “We are the champions” during/after sport events. There I heard Queen for the first time. Ah, memories …

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Is that a reason to stop using it? :slight_smile: And what about 3000? Or 2100?

Something losing it´s a appeal sounds like a good reason to stop using it.

Thimbletron3000. Way ahead of the times.



Do you think so? “Cyber Sniff 2000”. Sounds still like a “big” perfume to me…

Only if you still party like it´s 1999.

Although I’d heard We Will Rock You/Champions at school, I admit I didn’t actually know the band until Wayne’s World came out. Then MTV started playing BoRhap all the time, and I bought Classic Queen on cassette and the rest is history…

Then I discovered after getting a Queen Guitar Tab book that it is pretty much impossible to play like Brian May on an acoustic guitar. So I got a Pink Floyd book and that was much easier. :slight_smile:


Some of this reminds me a lot of the radio station song in TWP:

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Which part? Radio Ga Ga?

Yes, indeed. Should’ve specified.

I obviously can see that.

It just didn’t register the other way around for me.

I think everybody knows I can’t play the beeping guitar…

It´s kind of funny I can easily find that video on youtube here in germany and that would probably be blocked in the states. What is happening lately?

What the fuck coorporations? Have you forgotten what a global thing the internet is?!

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In Germany YouTube has an agreement with GEMA. So we can see all music video(s) (or most of them to be precise :slight_smile: ).

Yeah not the above, because it is attributed to another rightsholder. So I guess we´d have to dig up the german version of that same video. Sheeessh.