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What wouldn’t I give

For an updated talkie version of Last Crusade. Watched the movie for the millionth time yesterday. Lets get the voices recorded. I’ll do Sean Connery.


They did a lot wrong in that movie, like not reading enough books in the library or strange (not enough top-down) camera angles in the castle…
OK, but maybe that’s me because I am one of those who played the game before watching the movie. :slight_smile:

It’s a great movie and my favourite Sean Connery one! I liked the father-son banter and of course that I actually lived the story.

Just wait a bit, in the future you just feed the movie to an AI and it will generate all the necessary voices for the game. (It’s time AIs do something more useful than face recognition or launching nuclear attacks against humanity.)

Me too. I recorded the movie on tape from TV when it was first broadcasted in order to get hints for the game.

How many hints did you get by that? While the story is basically the same, the style of doing things is quite different for the very reason not to spoil the player, I guess.
One of the exceptions is that classroom scene, which can be solved with the exact same dialog as in the movie.

Yeah, but I couldn’t know that in advance.
As far as I remember at the moment I got two hints right (the dialogue you mention, and the fact you have to punch immediately the butcher of the castle) and one wrong hint (giving the Mein Kampf to Hitler instead of the pass).

Considering the two right hints were for “non-puzzles” I’d say the help the movie gave me has a negative balance.

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Depends, I’ve read a bunch of Star Trek comics that were based only on publicity stills for the show because that’s all they gave the comic artists.

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