What are(n’t) you shaving right now?

This thread is about beards. Which beard (forms) you like, why one should wear it, if women should wear beards and why in TWP are so less beards around. Here are some suggestions:


:open_mouth: You. Did. Not!! :rofl:

OK, for the ladies/women/girls (pick the one you like to be addressed by), feel free to chime in about any shaving (or not) related topics you want, to make us men feel completely awkward. :slight_smile:
Hence my gender-equal title suggestion.
Or just laugh with our silly beards/mustaches here.


Actually razors for woman and men are the same. The only differences are the price and the colors.

Why shouldn’t women wear beards? They aren’t expensive and give a modern women a brand new look!


When I originally joined these forums, the last thing I would have expected from here was a thread about… shaving! :grin: :rofl:

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Well, we had already a discussion about toilet paper. So talking about shaving is only natural… :wink:

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You know where all this will take us, don’t you?

The bathroom thread!

Anyway back to topic I trim my beard short because it pokes me if it’s too long, like more than 1 cm long.


Ah, I just wanted to write an answer to your sentence that “suddenly” disappeared. :wink: Anyway:

Feel free to create a thread. Mine is looking similar to the one in TWP. Without the tubes. I’m even able to change the toilet paper orientation in the options!

Why a beard at all? The look or laziness? :slight_smile:

Do you have a hole in the fourth wall?

I like the look, (or I don’t like my clean shaved face). Also it saves me time and irritations of skin (especially the neck).

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Yes, of course - as soon as I open my window.

This answer is meant serious: This is a problem I have to deal with too. Do you prefer an electric or a normal razor?

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But I use now regularly a beard trimmer, the best thing I’ve ever used by far to take care of my quite irregular beard.

If you want a clean shave with an electric razor, and have a problem with skin irritation I suggest this type

instead of this one:

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Ah, thanks - this is exactly the type of I razor I use too :slight_smile: (not exactly the razor on your photo but a similar model). I had similar experiences. Good to know that I’m not alone. :slight_smile:

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Anyway, now that I think twice about it, you asked it in simple present, but the last time I shaved my face clean it’s years from now! :open_mouth: Then I really don’t know now, but I remember that I used back then Wilkinson normal razors often and I liked those. I had to be careful on the neck, and when I was nervous and late in the morning sometimes I cut. But during years beard and skin change. Anyway among electric razors what we said above is still valid.

Now when I want a clean shave I just use the trimmer without the hair comb. Not really a clean shave, but very close to that (even if not safe for skin for the blades exposed, it’s a thing I do very rarely).

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For some reason this thread makes me want to talk about menstrual cramps and lingerie.


As some of you might already know, I shave myself, both beard and hair. It saves time, money, and makes me look badass*.

I use a beard trimmer because my wife likes it when I have a bit of shade. I once used a normal razor and she was disgusted for a couple of days. And again, it’s faster. The problem is that hairs go everywhere when I shave, so I have to clean very carefully afterwards, but I seem to always miss some, and my wife sees them and gets angry / disgusted again, so I shave less regularly and when I do, beard and hair are longer and thus shaving gets messier. Talk about vicious cycles.

One thing I’d ask a genie if I had wishes to waste would be a better beard shape. My moustache isn’t properly connected to my beard, and I would have liked to sport a “circle beard”, but it looks horrible and more like a “balbo”. But the soul patch is also detached.

I had a goatee when I was younger. It was because I was fatter and had a dobule chin, so the beard helped to draw the contour of my actual chin :stuck_out_tongue:

*might not actually be true


Which thread doesn’t? :upside_down_face:

Go ahead, but create two new topics for it then… :smile:

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Wow, this is not a topic I could’ve predicted when I first landed here :smile:

I think the style of facial hair (if any) very much depends on the individual. I’m generally not a fan of a fully fledged beard but I wouldn’t say that unreservedly because it depends on the face it’s attached to. But in general - and this is just my personal taste - I like a kind of in-between look.


A bit scruffy looking, like Indiana Jones when he’s been adventuring for a couple of days?


Yeah I guess so :grin:

Sometimes clean shaven works too. There are some faces where I prefer that. But again depends on the person.

Except women also have epilating devices. I date dare you to trim your mustache with one of those. Yikes!!!

Those ba*tards kill. I don’t find them that efficient either. Waxing is better but involves quite a lot of growth beforehand :neutral_face:

Let’s get back to beards.