We will Rock You

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Oh look a new trailer!

This actually looks really good.

(Except maybe that this makes it look like We Will Rock You was written in 1981 or something. But that might be a case of trailer dubbing scenes differently).


The resemblance is eerie!

At 1:20, there is a funny anecdote to be told (well, Brian May told it himself in one of the many real documentaries on Queen). He tells it something like this
So that rhythm of We Will Rock You is just a really simple pattern: “stomp, stomp, clap!” We wanted something that anyone in the audience should be able to join so it’s kept as easy as possible. Everyone can stomp their feet and clap their hands. But by combining both sounds, it becomes more interesting than just clapping along. “Stomp, stomp, clap!” Like a drummer “kick, kick, snare”
Then when we played it live, the crowd went “clap, clap, stomp!”



Just like with Malek´s Freddie I´m actually blown away by the guy who plays Brian May, in looks AND voice. Great casting.

Also worth of note that John Deacon is played by the boy from Jurassic Park (Joseph Mazello).

That’s what I meant, yes: they all sound and look eerily close to the real guys.

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I think they were going for the stage rig they had at the time of the Live Killers album which I think was right around 1978 just a year after We Will Rock You. But not his outfit, you’re right that’s probably more 1981.

I used to be so obsessed with this band. Dr Brian May is pretty much the reason I started playing guitar.

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Yeah that scene has short hair moustache Freddie. We Will Rock You was more like this:


But again, that may be look different in the actual movie. They seem to be super accurate from what I´ve seen so far and it looks really really good.

I´m also glad they seemed to have moved the release back to an earlier date (early november) because it used to be between christmas and new year´s in most european countries.

You’re right, no moustache!

Yeah, looks like Nov 3rd here. Can’t wait!
A year or so ago I went to see A Night at the Odeon which was released in theatres here. It was amazing to hear songs like Ogre Battle on a big sound system.

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That´s great. Seemed to take them ages to release some of those old shows in full. Live At The Rainbow was released not even 4 years ago after bits and pieces turned up for decades.

I kinda think it’s also the Queen machine that wants to keep milking the classic years and keep pushing new products.

True, maybe they noticed that people started getting really sick of Wembley re-releases. There is still so many great stuff out there they could release. They were so well documented, unlike many other bands like Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd where stuff just doesn´t exist.

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Yeah of those 3 I think Queen does have the best undiscovered gems. With Floyd it’s usually like “yes, I can see why this was never released.”

Oh yeah sure. It´s not like I long for the full “household objects” recordings or whatever. But it´s still a bit of a bummer that no shows between 1971 and 1987 where filmed professionally.

I did find a bootleg somewhere with the original Raving and Drooling, and You Gotta Be Crazy sometime between WYWH and Animals that was interesting. But definitely not professional recorsing quality.

I’ve only had a few ales, ociffer


I think we´re supposed to talk about our recorsing nightmares in the dream thread. :point_right:

Ok… :sleeping:

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My job here is done…

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Same here! My sister, who was (and still is) six years older than me, was into Queen when I was like 5 or 6, she always listened to them at home or in the car as my father brought us to school. When Freddie died I was just 6, I couldn’t understand what a big deal it was.

She was in love with Roger Taylor, I wanted to become Brian May. For years I begged my parents to buy me a guitar, then they did when I was 10. A couple of years later I left guitar for the piano, then the piano for the bass, and now I want a drum kit but my wife doesn’t :frowning: but, yeah, Queen is the reason why I got into music.


One of my earliest memories of the band is watching a marathon of Queen videos on MTV that they put together in his memory. I wish I could see a recording of that.